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Without transferring and taking possession of land Govt released money for shooting range at Nagrota: CAG

Strange are the ways of the J&K Govt when it comes to raising sports infrastructure in the state.

In 2008 the state government had conceived a project ‘construction of an Indoor complex/Rifle shooting range-cum open play field’ at Nagrota in 2008-09.

To raise the infrastructure  70 kanals of land situated behind Sainik School was identified and the matter was taken up by the Director General Youth Services and Sports Jammu with the CV, Jammu Development Authority.

MD, JKPCC was also approached in October 2008 for construction of the project without formal transfer and possession of identified land.

JKPCC submitted the cost of the project at 6.49 crore to be completed within a period of 12 months.

During the scrutiny of office records CAG found that Director Youth services and Sports had placed a sum of Rs 50 lakh at the disposal of the JKPCC without accord of administrative approval. The work was started on the project by JKPCC IN January 2009 and the same was stopped in August 2009 on the plea that the department had neither got the land transferred not the requiste building permission was obtained from JDA.

During the period a private person claiming to be owner of a portion of land ( four kanals and 18 marlas) approached the court of Law which directed for demarcation of land by the Revenue authorities. Though the demarcation report of the land had been submitted by the DC, Jammu in April 2010 the issue could not be resolved till December 2012. Despite facing these road blocks, the department further released 1.30 crore during 2010-12 in favour of the company.

According to CAG an expenditure of 1.04 crore was incurred on various components of hte project till November 2012 but the matter related to transfer of land was still under the active consideration of the govt and same was not resolved till April 2013.

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