Why Sajjad Kitchloo was not allowed to speak before media by NC Provincial President?

Minutes before MoS Home Sajjad Kitchloo was driven out of the Sher-e-Kashmir bhawan by the Provincial President Devender Singh Rana he was wearing a sullen look on his face yet trying his level best to stay cool and relaxed.

Sajjad  Kitchloo

While reading the text of the statement where he announced his  decision to step down from the post pending Judicial probe ordered by the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in the Kishtwar violence incident Kitchloo fumbled on more than one occasion.

He was immediately corrected by the NC Provincial President Devender Singh Rana.

While Kitchloo was reading the statement Devender Singh Rana was also reading the text from his own copy.

The brief appearance before the media was planned well in advance on late sunday night, say party insiders. The only difference was the information about it was made public at the last minute.

The previous night lot of home work was done by the Provincial President in the company of Chief Minister.Rana stayed there till late evening and must have prepared the text of the statement read out by the Kitchloo under his able guidance.

Interestingly, Kitchloo was escorted inside the party headquarters by the Provincial president in his car. Before making an announcement MoS Home had shunned perks and privileges attached with the ministerial post. 

He was driven to the Chief Ministers residence by DS Rana. Rana and Kitchloo

The tone and tenor of the statement and the tweets posted by the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah immediately after Kitchloo tendered his resignation exposes the truth behind the well synchronized exercise.

After Kitchloo read the statement before the media several media persons wanted to ask him basic questions with regard to actions taken by him as MOS Home to contain the violence in Kishtwar. Before media could pose questions Rana rescued him from the hall and made him to sit in his car before driving him to the CM’s residence.

While moving out of the Sher-e-Kashmir bhawan Kitchloo made an effort to speak to the select media persons and claimed that he was innocent and his name was maligned by the political parties for their vested interest.

The MoS Home had no idea the script he was reading in front of  media was prepared well in advance and not by him and he was only made to read it without raising any question marks.

Kitchloo's Oath Ceremony
Kitchloo’s Oath Ceremony

This act of National Conference top brass has left behind many questions unanswered as Kitchloo was not even given an opportunity to speak before the media and explain what was he doing through out the day in Kishtwar when rioters were selectively looting, attacking and torturing commercial establishments of members of the minority community.

Kitchloo was sworn in as Minister of State on January 15, 2003 in Raj Bhawan Jammu.

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