Why no AAP wave catching up in J&K?

In 2005 Transparency International, a NGO had conducted a survey and rated J&K as second most corrupt state in the country. Nine years later as Aam Admi party is gearing up  for the national debut in the Lok Sabha polls, riding high on the popularity wave, there are very takers for the party here in J&k.

Absence of AAP activists or lack of support has raised questions marks whether there is absence of leadership who do not want to fight against corruption in the state or common residents here are too busy to participate in the campaign against corruption. This was evident last week when an event organised by the AAP activists failed to create ripples and may have disheartened the National executive member Ajit Jha who traveled from New Delhi to kick start the membership drive here in the state.

The presence of infamous politicians, handful of self styled activists and section of students, who had assembled there without any formal invitation, exposed the fact that despite remaining in touch with some senior faculty members of the Jammu University and interacting with few prominent Jammu centric voices the Aam Admi leaders had failed to enthuse them to come out and set their house in order to carry forward the membership drive.

Absence of credible voices and strong leaders provoked the AAP National Executive member to cut shot his visit to the state.

After learning about the credentials of most of the people, who were not having the mandate of the party, Ajit Jha, a senior faculty member of Delhi University focused his interaction on informing the audience that if they wish to join the AAP they must begin membership drive at their end and register more and more members before January 26.

Meanwhile, the membership drive is on but till date not a single camp has been organised here in the winter capital where common people were roped in by the volunteers.

Interestingly, when Ajit Jha had arrived from New Delhi different groups of people had gathered at the railway station to receive him and had tough time in convincing the volunteers that he was not comfortable in the company of lesser known faces. 

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