Why JKBOPEE not Maintaining Secrecy of Candidates

Aspiring medical/engineering professionals  in J&K have raised question marks over the intentions of the Jammu and Kashmir Board of Professional Entrance Examination  for designing OMR sheets in a manner which  have clearly compromised the secrecy of the candidates appearing in the examination from two different regions of the state.

According to students who are already agitated after the examination paper of Biology was leaded and the chemistry paper was rescheduled for July 5, 2013 the design of the OMR sheet has become subject matter of criticism.

Several experts, retired  university teachers and those linked with the conduct of the competitive examination have pointed out that the OMR sheets designed by the JKBOPEE have directly compromised the secrecy of the candidates.


The students have appealed to the state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to intervene in the matter and ensure complete transparency in the conduct of the entrance examination as it is directly linked with the future of the thousands of  students aspiring to become good professionals

Raising question marks on the design of OMR sheet one of the aggrieved student asked, “I have appeared in various other competitive examinations outside the state and no where we have our pictures pasted on the OMR sheets and particulars written in full detail but in the entrance examination conducted by the JKBOPEE not only our pictures are pasted on the OMR sheets but complete details of candidates  including the category, is written leaving no scope for the evaluators to maintain secrecy”.

According to the students even if the JKBOPEE may claim that they are maintaining transparency and  there is no scope of manipulation but the fact remains the identity of the candidate, which is supposed to be kept secret at the time of evaluation, has been completely exposed in the current examination system.

Some of the retired Professors who too have worked previously in the BOPEE have questioned the intentions of the JKBOPEE authorities behind taking such a step which may lead to confusion in the minds of the candidates.

The students said already the credibility of the BOPEE has been hit hard after the papers were leaked and now the issue of design of OMR sheets may snowball in to a controversy if JKBOPEE failed to address the issue and come out with the clarification over the real intention behind designing the OMR sheets in the existing format. Students in Srinaagr and Jammu have also approached the board to ascertain the reasons but were not entertained by the board authorities.

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