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Why is NC provincial President Rana obsessed with BJP bashing only?

With election season nearing the political activity is peaking across peaceful districts of Jammu division. Starting from National Conference, PDP, Congress, BSP, Panthers Party and BJP almost all the political parties are organising regular public meetings and mass contact programmes. The top brass of these political parties have set their eyes on the traditional vote bank of their opponents to consolidate their own position in the next elections.

Devender RanaOn one hand the alliance partners in the state are pulling in different directions and are not willing to forge any pre-poll alliance and on the other other the main opposition parties Peoples Democratic Party, BJP and Panthers party are working hard to expose the fault lines between the alliance partners.

Alarmed over these threats the National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana, has smartly crafted his party agenda in front of the electorate and going from one place to other to test the political waters under their feet.

More than Congress and PDP it is the NC which is desperate to improve its showing in the Jammu region.

The party has also itself the target of improving its tally in the forthcoming Assembly polls in Jammu region.It is for this reason NC Provincial President is making a deliberate attempt to raise the issue of 2008  unrest which led to prolonged agitation and complete lock down.

Instead of sharing report card of the alliance govt with the people the ‘heavyweight’ politician is seen lecturing gullible voters how the ‘unholy’ nexus of political parties in the state disturbed peace for their vested interests and reaped rich political dividends.

At times Rana cautions people to maintain vigil as the command of a Jammu based political party has gone into the hands of hardcore communalists whose hands are soaked with the blood of innocents.To strike chord among the voters he repeatedly says the National Conference will not allow the machinations of the communal parties like BJP or disruptive PDP to succeed in dividing the people in a state like Jammu and Kashmir and said: “We will stand like a rock and foil all their attempts to disturb peace”.

What happened in Kishtwar and how the minorities were attacked under the nose of MOS Home and deputy of Omar Abdullah never forms part of Rana’s discourse. He takes care to pay lip service and condemn without telling the people the NC led alliance govt is yet to compensate the victims of the violence. The same NC led state govt is yet to pay compensation to Indian national Chamel Singh, who was killed inside the PAK jail by the jail authorities.

In contrast the Congress party is attacking the alliance partner during its public meetings by claiming that the Omar Abdullah govt is shying away from fulfilling its promise of empowering Panchayati Raj Institutions in the state and not doing enough to incorporate the provisions of the 73 rd amendment in the state Panchayati Raj Act.

The PDP is working hard to make inroads in the region and by announcing the candidature of Yashpal Sharma from the Jammu Poonch Lok Sabha seat the PDP leadership has already given jitters to the congress and National Conference as Sharma enjoys clout  in Rajouri, Poonch and among refugee population.In the days to come it remains to be seen whether Rana would be able to motivate the voters in Jammu to vote for his party or would fail?

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