raghunath bazar

Who will Convert Historical Raghunath Bazaar in to a Heritage Market?

Since 2008 the residents of Jammu city have been fed that the state government is keen on converting historical Raghunath bazaar in to a famous heritage centre by way of upgrading facilities and introducing ornamental lights, decked up pavements, underground cabling of electric wires but the regular visitors to the market continue to face hardships on account of lack of basic amenities in the crowded market flooded with visitors/tourists from different parts of the country.

The beautification project sanctioned at a whopping cost of Rs. 6.62 crore is yet to take off in the absence of political will and lack of interest shown by the elite babus and local businessmen.

raghunath bazar
Barring one odd electric pole, decorated with sample ornamental material, none of the poles have been decked up. Some historic material including water taps of Dogra era were seen covered with posters. The main bazaar lacks basic facilities and poses major hardships to regular visitors as it remain overcrowded due to haphazard parking.

Till date negligible work has been done for the beautification of bazaar. Ironically, senior state government and tourism authorities arrange visit of the Tourism minister to the market place but even after receiving clear directions the babudom fail to get their act together and give push to the original project.

Last year even the CAG report had painted a black picture with regard to progress of the project.

According to the CAG report on Jammu district, the development of Raghunath bazaar of the city as a heritage project was taken up at an estimated cost of Rs 6.62 crore in 2009-10.

The project involved face lifting of the bazaar and modernization/upgradation of the overhead power distribution/telephone network. 

The CAG stated in its report that the implementation of the programme had been tardy as the departments had spent only 1.06 crore on the project out of 2.27 crore released by the state government up to March 2011.

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