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Who is telling a lie to these elected representatives: Omar Abdullah or Rahul Gandhi?

For past several months Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has been constantly claiming that his govt has empowered the elected panches and sarpanches by transferring them the powers of the 14 key departments in the state.

In contrast on Wednesday when Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi arrived here to address the meeting of the panches and sarpanches in the MAM stadium he posed a direct question to them asking whether they have been empowered by the state government. In one voice the majority in the audience said- NO.

Before Rahul’s speech MOS Panchayati Raj Viqar Rasool Wani, actively participating in the meeting exposed the working of the alliance govt by claiming that powers of 14 departments have not been transferred to the panches in the state.

In his brief speech, which was disrupted by the angry representatives, Rahul said he is here to to fight this battle on behalf of them. Till the time the state govt fully empowers you i will keep coming back to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and mount pressure on the state govt.

Ironically, before addressing the gathering Rahul called on Omar Abdullah at his official residence.

Now the question arises, if both Rahul and Omar share a strong bond and both represent different political parties then who among them is telling a lie to these elected representatives.

According to Shafiq Mir, chairman of the All Jammu  and Kashmir Panchayat Conference Omar Abdullah had  never given them any assurance on the 73rd amendment of the Indian constitution.

He said the assurance to us was given by the congress and till date even the congress party has failed to give satisfactory reply to the elected representatives at the grass root levels.

Ahead of the 2014 polls the congress party is trying to resurrect its own image in the eyes of the voters that it is the congress party which is fighting for the cause of empowering the grass root institutions without giving the opportunity to the Omar Abdullah and his close aides to hijack the agenda.

It however, remains to be seen in the coming days whether or not the grass root representatives would be able to read between the lines and decipher the message which is written on the wall. Time has come to empower the panches and sarpanches and it is high time the institution of MLA and MP should stop playing spoil sport and allow the grass root representatives to take centre stage.

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