Curfew imposed in Ramban

Where are the Non-Lethal weapons of J&K police?

Not very long ago the Jammu and Kashmir police had equipped itself with non-lethal weapons and ammunition to deal with  the violent  mobs.

But on Thursday when J&K police arrived at the scene of action in Gool  area of Ramban district the majority of policemen were not armed with non-lethal weapons and had no other option but to fall back upon their traditional weapons to contain the law and order situation as it fast slipped out of their hands.

According to police sources, the local teams from Ramban, Gool and Sangaldhan were not adequately equipped with non-lethal weapons to deal with the volatile situation on ground zero

Curfew imposed in Ramban
Curfew imposed in Ramban

The police officers on their part claimed that they had not been provided with non-lethal weapons due to peaceful situation in the area.

In the absence of trained manpower and non-lethal weapons when the situation suddenly took an ugly turn  on Thursday the state police officer  had to open fire on the protestors to prevent their march towards the BSF camp where large quantity of arms and ammunition was stored.

The killing of a local school teacher Manzoor Ahmad Shan in the alleged firing incident triggered fresh protests in the area and forced the security forces to open fire on the protestors in which four locals were killed.

Eyewitness accounts claimed that before opening fire on the protestors the police could not got an opportunity to even use tear gas shells either.

It  was evident the police force was ill equipped to handle the mob and were outnumbered by the strong assembly of local villagers.

It may be mentioned the state police force had equipped itself with large variety of non lethal weapons in the aftermath of 2010 unrest in Kashmir valley where over 100 youth were killed in series of protest demonstrations. Since then the state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah always stressed on the need to handle the law and order situation by resorting to minimal use of force and where ever required he preferred the police to use non lethal weapons to control the violent mobs.

While doing so he had received lot of stick from various political  quarters but he persisted with his approach and by and large succeeded in controlling the mob and bringing down the number of fatal injuries. It was not known what prevented the state police authorities to equip the police force sent for controlling the violent mob in Gool area of Ramban.
The police force need to review its preparedness to prevent loss of innocent lives in future too.

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