fire reaks out in jammu hotel-planning minister-bc road
Fire breaks out in Jammu hotel on Saturday (PTI)

When Planning minister saw how NC leader played with the lives of innocent civilians

Manipulated Govt machinery to earn money

On Saturday when state Planning Minister Ajay Sadhotra along with Provincial President of National Conference DS Rana and senior party vice president Surjeet Singh Slathia visited BC road area to take stock of the fire incident in a private hotel owned by a senior National Conference leader they must have realised how blatantly their own party leader has manipulated everything and violated building norms to satisfy his hunger for more money.

The senior leaders must have also got first hand account of how criminal nexus between the officials of the key departments and politicians wreak havoc and endanger safety of innocent citizens.

The fact that the greedy owner of  Hotel Neelam was running the business without even completing the necessary formalities related to safety and security of common man came to light only when this fire incident came to light.

The hotel management was charging hefty room rent for the night stay but had not installed any fire fighting equipment in the hotel building.

The DC level inquiry is now expected to expose the said nexus as every one from top to bottom appears to be hand in glove to milk money from the consumers without providing safety mechanism.

The hotel owner had blatantly altered the original building plan of the commercial building and converted the hotel lobby in to another business establishment and dumped tyres and other combustible material in the store room without inviting any scrutiny from the preening eyes of the babudom.


Jammu Hotel Catches fire-Planning Minister
Jammu Hotel Catches fire (PTI)

The fire which may have been triggered due to some short circuit in the store room engulfed the entire building and poisonous fumes chocked the life of four customers on the spot.

The nexus between the politicians and babus of the key departments has also been exposed as they too had failed to detect the short comings and failed to penalise the owner of the commercial building to prevent such an accident.

According to eye witness reports the fire services department also suffered public fury due to lack of coordination between the various govt departments.

The fire tenders which were rushed to the spot to douse the flames struggled hard to find their way inside the building as the owner had converted the hotel lobby in to a store room and the stair case leading to the floors passed through the same area where fire had started.

Secondly as they ran out of water supply and rushed their fire tenders to nearby PHE centre the chowkidar was not having the keys of the pumping station and the supply was delayed.

The most glaring aspect of enforcing fire safety norms is missing in our state in the absence of Fire Force Act. It enables the fire services department to carry out a raid and check the preparedness of the fire safety equipment. In the absence of any shortfalls the fire services department is also empowered to seal the said premises.

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