When Omar Abdullah created ripples in the corridors of Power by posting two tweets?

“Just heard what is reported to have taken place between between a SI of the traffic police & one of my ministers. Will ascertain details”

“I won’t hesitate to take action & apologise as well just as soon as I get the facts”.

omar-twitter-jammuBy posting these two tweets on the micro blogging site early Sunday morning Chief Minister Omar Abdullah virtually created ripples in the corridors of power.
The entire media and senior officials of the traffic police department went in to tizzy to ascertain the actual details and dig out the identity of the minister involved.

After carrying out through checks with different sources in both Jammu and Srinagar when most of the media persons failed to find out the details of the alleged incident they decided to sit back and wait for an update on the CMs twitter account.

Till late evening when CM too failed to update his account the media persons decided not to lend credence to the previous post.

Some of the well informed media persons then speculated the reasons which might have provoked the Chief Minister to go public on the micro blogging site without finding the details of the actual incident.

It was learnt that some of the TV channels had run special programmes highlighting misuse of Red beacon and ran previous incidents of public spat between the VVIP’s and police cops/traffic police officials. In the same capsule previous incidents involving J&K cabinet minister was also showcased and might have caught CM’s attention prompting him to post a comment without verifying that the incident was reported long back and was not a fresh one.

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