What is stopping Omar Abdullah led alliance Govt to give shut up call to Separatists opposed to Zubin Mehta’s Concert in Srinagar?

World famous classical music maestro Zubin Mehta’s Bavarian State Orchestra is set to perform at the historic Mughal garden of Shalimar Bagh near the capital city on September 7.
zubinIronically, even before he produced musical notes separatist leaders and people who support them in small numbers have started striking discordant notes in the Kashmir valley much before the arrival of the classic symphony.

The separatists have not likened the idea of orgnaising the concert at a time when Kashmir is witnessing turmoil on many fronts and have made it clear,” Without any bias, we oppose any such move harmful for the Kashmir cause. It is our democratic right and none of the civilised nation can deny this fact”.

The most interesting fact remains the event has brought together the moderate and hardliner separatists groups together after a long gap.

But what is more intriguing is the silence of the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and his alliance partners in the state.

When the state govt is engaged in promoting tourism from foreign lands and holding road shows across International destinations and at the same time urging foreign embassies to lift travel advisories to enable their subjects to visit Kashmir valley why they have not given any shut up call to these separatist forces not to indulge in negative propaganda over the International event which is being jointly organised by  the German Embassy, state and the central govt in Kashmir valley.

Till date even though the arrangements are being made for the grand show which is likely to be attended by a gathering of over 1500 guests including 21 Union Ministers and galaxy of eminent personalities the state govt has decided not to open another front with the separatist leaders and avoiding slug fest to the best of their ability. 

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