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UPA sinking under its own weight but Omar still thinks there hasnt been any failure

J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Saturday said that there was no need for the UPA to assume failure when there hasn’t been any failure at the moment.

He said any failure will come to light when the election results would be out.

“When the election results will be out we will see and examine what it means for the congress and UPA”, he added.

Omar also admitted times are bit difficult but there was no need for them to abandon the ship. “We are not fair weather friends. We are part of UPA and National Conference will remain with UPA”.

Omar while participating in a conversation on Google hangout  also refused to pass any judgment on the leadership of Rahul Gandhi or Congress led UPA.

In the beginning Omar give vent to his ire against the poor networking facilities offered by the BSNL in J&K. He said not many private companies have come forward and invested in the state.

Commenting on the services provided by BSNL Omar said for last five years in office i am beating my head against the wall trying to get the BSNL to improve the quality of their services.But they haven’t achieved much success.

Its absymal how poor internet connectivity from fixed line connections here is. He said, the connectivity is relatively better for those who use smart phones. He said the moment you want higher bandwidth its very poor.

Omar said, I don’t know the reason why BSNL has failed to  improve their services.

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