Traffic Police Cops allegedly extracting money from drivers of Oil Tankers

Drivers of petrol/oil  tankers moving up and down the National highway connecting Ladakh and Kashmir valley with the rest of the country have alleged that large number of traffic police cops of Jammu and Kashmir police have been regularly harassing them and allegedly extracting money from them in lieu of safe passage on the cramped highway.
Jammu Kashmir Traffic police

The allegations leveled by the drivers may open up ‘pandoras’ box for the traffic cops posted on the highway in the coming days as the drivers have warned to knock at the door steps of vigilance organisation in the coming days if the situation would show no signs of change on ground zero.

 Staging  a protest demonstration outside the oil filling station near Railway station large number of drivers narrated their ordeal and shared hardships faced by them in the absence of non cooperation by the traffic cops on the highway.

“On number of occasions we have apprised the senior state govt officials and even the office of Divisional commissioner during our regular meetings that traffic cops often harass them on the highway and in a bid to make some easy money threaten them of strict action”, said one of the elderly drivers who carries fuel tanker to Kargil.

Unhappy with the response of the senior traffic police authorities the drivers alleged that if the Inspector General of Police Traffic department failed in his duty to give justice to us we would be left with no other option but to approach the highest office of vigilance commissioner to get justice.

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The drivers said, “we are fed up with the conduct of the traffic police cops as they shamelessly demand 200-1000 rupees depending on the greed and their requirement”. “We will not tolerate this kind of behvariour any longer as we feel ashamed when we have to grease the palms of  men in  uniform for none of our faults”, the drivers alleged.

It may be mentioned that on daily basis an average number of 500 trucks  ferry fuel supplies to the kashmir valley and if small percentage of truckers are harassed on daily basis the traffic cops would be allegedly amassing huge amount of money.

Inaction on the part of the senior cops also raises doubts in the minds of the poor drivers why no action has been taken against any single cop even after lodging endless complaints. “We fear for our lives once we are on the highway as we are never sure what action police will take against us if We do not cooperate or resist handing over money to them in lieu of safe passage”.We want resolution of this grim reality, the drivers demanded.

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