Toll plaza ransacked jammu-bari brahmana

Toll plaza ransacked on the Jammu-Pathankot Highway by Local residents

A motley group of lathi wielding supporters of a local politician in Bari Brahmna Tuesday ransacked newly created infrastructure at Toll Plaza near KFC food station on Jammu Pathankot highway.

Following the planned attack on the toll plaza, which is yet to be made functional, the traffic on the busy road was disrupted as lathi wielding goons went around and uprooted signal cables and other infrastructure.

The angry group of people, shouting slogans against the high way authorities appeared on the scene and without wasting time started ransacking the booths. The cabling work was going on ahead of operationalisng the toll plaza.

According to reports, the local residents in the Bari Brahmna area were opposed to the idea of setting up toll plaza in the area as they claimed it would add to their hardships as they had to shuttle up and down the highway in connection with their day to day work.

After negotiations failed and highway authorities decided to go ahead with the operationalisation of toll plaza the angry group of people Tuesday went ahead with their pressure tactics and ransacked the infrastructure sending strong signals to the highway authorities that they would not allow toll plaza in the area as it hurt their business interests.

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