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Before hosting a Seminar Indian Institute of Public Administration should make arrangements for car parking of their guests

Indian Institute of Public Administration -Jammu-Kashmir-Traffic

J&K Regional Branch of Indian Institute of Public Administration frequently organises seminars and special lectures on variety of subjects linked with public administration to spread awareness and train new lot of officers. Several senior  serving officers, prominent retired professionals and others are invited to grace the occasion to share their viewpoint. At present a two day seminar on Floods in 2014: Lessons for Disaster Management for J&K has been organised in the same campus and the same is being attended by representatives of different agencies involved in rescue,relief and Rehabilitation of victims affected due to devastated floods in the state. During the duration of the seminar the general public faces many hardships due to haphazard parking of vehicles on the …

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To increase Revenue receipts Traffic police Cops add more confusion than regulating traffic on the busy Jammu Roads

Jammu kashmir traffic police

Traffic police men are deployed on ground zero to normally regulate traffic and book violators. But in Jammu traffic police cops care little about managing/regulating traffic and focus more on issuing challans and booking violators in order to increase the revenue receipts. The traffic police cops do not make any distinction between peak hour traffic  or routine traffic when it comes to booking violators. On Monday at least 8 traffic police cops were seen standing near the Gujjar Nagar  barricade waiting for the two wheeler drivers and other violators to fall in the trap. Ironically, the manner in which the traffic police cops were catching hold of traffic violators  they added to the miseries of the motorists driving on the …

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Spreading awareness about Traffic week is alright but who gave them the license to tie down the legs of Gen Zorawar Singh?

General Zorawar Singh Jamwal-Jammu-RBI

Spreading awareness among city denizens on issues of public importance is always welcomed. But if it is being done at the cost of showing disrespect to icons and legends in history it should be discarded.  As nothing is more shameful than this.  The case in point here is statute of General Zorawar Singh Jamwal atop galloping horse outside Reserve bank of India building.  In the name of spreading awareness on traffic week the advertisers went a step ahead and instead of tying the knots of buntings and other decorative material they have tied the legs of the galloping horse of Zorawar Singh Jamwal showing utter neglect to the Dogra icon who conquered major parts of Ladakh and helped Dogra rulers …

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Traffic Police Cops allegedly extracting money from drivers of Oil Tankers

Drivers of petrol/oil  tankers moving up and down the National highway connecting Ladakh and Kashmir valley with the rest of the country have alleged that large number of traffic police cops of Jammu and Kashmir police have been regularly harassing them and allegedly extracting money from them in lieu of safe passage on the cramped highway. The allegations leveled by the drivers may open up ‘pandoras’ box for the traffic cops posted on the highway in the coming days as the drivers have warned to knock at the door steps of vigilance organisation in the coming days if the situation would show no signs of change on ground zero.  Staging  a protest demonstration outside the oil filling station near Railway …

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Mr CM Have you ever tried Boarding an AutoRickshaw in Jammu, Try at least Once

‘METERED AUTOS NOT IN FASHION HERE’   If Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, any one of his cabinet colleague or even the senior most functionary of the Transport department would ever get an opportunity to board an auto rickshaw from railway station,bus station or any other location chances are that auto rickshaw driver would rob them of their fortune by charging hefty amount. Contrary to this if the Youngest Chief Minister or any other VVIP would ride the same auto rickshaw and introduce themselves as a first time tourist to the city of temples  there is every possibility that the same auto rickshaw driver would charge 100- 300  more for the same destination and try to take maximum advantage of the …

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Is needful being done to deal with Traffic mismanagement in Jammu?

Jammu carries tremendous historical importance, and is regarded as a prominent tourist hub. It also has notable significance amongst the beautiful cities of the world. However, the ever-increasing vehicular traffic on the roads of Jammu, in the last couple of decades, has been a big threat to its beauty and historical significance. The situation is getting alarming, which makes one wonder as to why this traffic chaos prevails despite the existence of overpasses, underpasses and well-constructed roads. Many factors are attributed to the unprecedented traffic mismanagement in Jammu. The first and the foremost factor is the lack of competent and efficient traffic management police. There exists lesser number of traffic wardens than required at the traffic signals. This creates traffic …

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Traffic signal lights functional in Jammu city: Sadhotra

Replying to a Calling Attention Notice, by Mr. Vijay Bakaya, Minister for Planning and Development, Labour and Employment, Mr. Ajay Sadhotra, on behalf of Urban Development and Urban Local Bodies Minister informed the House that in Jammu city 30 traffic signal lights have been installed and all are working smoothly. He said, however, Traffic Police Department has put a few lights on blinker mode in order to arrive at a logical decision with regards to shifting of some lights. The Minister said that the agency namely M/S Onyux Electronic, New Delhi has been entrusted with the job of installation/commissioning, operation and maintenance of traffic signal lights for period of 2 years in Jammu city. The expenditure booked on account of …

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