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Jammu Redefining e-mag, 23rd Mar-5th April 2014

Cover Story: TERROR REVISITED JAMMU-PATHANKOT HIGHWAY FEW LESSONS LEARNT? Beta, Bucket Mein Hand Wash Kar Lo: Will the mother tongue be reduced to mere prepositions?

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Jammu Redefining Magazine: March 9- 22, 2014

Jammu Magazine

  BJP eyeing two lok sabha seats in Jammu, Azad not willing to fight, NC-PDP  lock horns in valley R.S. Pura: more than a rice bowl of J&K. What Netizens of Jammu Division think of their representatives?

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Omar shoring up his own image, Will the Gamble pay off or cost Omar dearly?

General Bus Stand-Jammu

Ahead of the 2014 hectic poll season Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has been sincerely trying to shore up his image in the eyes of the people of Jammu region. To help him make inroads and consolidate position of the party his close aides are also toiling hard. Some are regularly organising small public meetings to propagate his message to the people while others are working behind closed doors to gather support of leaders from other parties. Patting his own back at public gatherings Omar has been circulating details of pet developmental projects which were either started during his tenure or were commissioned by him for the welfare of the people of Jammu region. By doing this course correction at the …

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Why no AAP wave catching up in J&K?


In 2005 Transparency International, a NGO had conducted a survey and rated J&K as second most corrupt state in the country. Nine years later as Aam Admi party is gearing up  for the national debut in the Lok Sabha polls, riding high on the popularity wave, there are very takers for the party here in J&k. Absence of AAP activists or lack of support has raised questions marks whether there is absence of leadership who do not want to fight against corruption in the state or common residents here are too busy to participate in the campaign against corruption. This was evident last week when an event organised by the AAP activists failed to create ripples and may have disheartened …

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After Modi, now Rahul catching the eye balls here in the City of Temples

Rahul Gandhi ad-Jammu

After BJP went on advertisement spree here in the city of temples to project their Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi now it is the turn of Congress party to launch a media blitzkrieg showcasing Rahul Gandhi as their future leader, eager to take the wind out of the sails of BJP nominee. The mushrooming bill boards and larger than life size hoardings of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi have already started dotting the vantage points across the city. Two prominent hoardings with slogans ‘Rajniti nahin Kajniti’, came up on the busy BC road crossing near Shakuntla theatre, while smaller hoardings with similar and few other slogans aimed at countering aggressive BJP campaign have also come up here in the city …

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Jammu Redefining Magaine: 3rd Issue

Cabinet Sub Committe Jammu Kashmir

Cover Story: Feud over administrative Units. Page 8: Jammu-Udhampur National Highway

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College Life – The best part of life

Jammu University

After 8a.m-12p.m schedule and disciplined life of a school, college comes as a relishing treat in the life of a student. As education is the best provision for life’s journey, college is the best institution to turn an immature fresh student into a mature balanced citizen. It is a Pandora’s box, filled with endless fun, humour, friends and also with responsibilities. Though college is a synonym for parties, trips and freedom, it is also a platform to show your excellence and confirm the chances of better jobs. In school there is a clear line between school life and home life but when you come to college and live in the campus, you are constantly among friends and trying new things. Thus …

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The ‘immortality’ of Kashmir problem

Article 370

Understanding the problem of Kashmir is no less than rocket-science today. Whatever steps India took right since the signing of Instrument of Accession to the signing of Indira-Sheikh Accord and even till date, “ambiguities” were always an inherent part of them. Some ambiguities were incorporated deliberately while others were the result of serious mistakes (read ‘blunders’). The epicenter of this whole turmoil that we see today is the sign-of-interrogation (?) on the validity of “accession”, whether it was conditional and revocable or unconditional and irrevocable. And here the opinion of Kashmiris and the rest of India differ. The ambiguities kept doors open for both the parties to come up with conflicting arguments and opinions. Despite winning all the wars in …

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Redefining Mata Vaishno Devi Pilgrimage

Katra Railway Station

The foot hills of Katra, base camp of Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine nestled in the Trikuta hills, is all set to welcome the arrival of world’s largest railway network in its picturesque valley. The township which is in the habit of waking up to the ‘jugal bandi’ of  musical beads wrapped around ponies, mules ferrying pilgrims up the zig zag track will now hear loud whistle of train chugging in from Udhampur. For past several years the Katra township is gearing up to welcome the arrival of the rail network but delays caused in completion of the tunnel work along the track prolonged the wait. Now when the successful trail run of the special train has been conducted by the …

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Road Shows are fine but who will provide basic facilities to pilgrims/tourists

Jammu Railway station

Ahead of the tourist season the state tourism minister visit different cities/countries with an aim to promote ‘exotic’ destinations across the state through different mediums and ad-campaigns.  The state Chief Minister Omar Abdullah is also keen on promoting various tourist destinations but has failed to upgrade the basic infrastructure at the tourist arrival points here in the city of temples. Despite all this some of the key departments are playing spoil sport and painting ‘dirty picture’ of the state in front of the fresh arrivals in the state. The tourists/pilgrims may come via rail, road or by air but they all get a taste of things immediately after landing in the ‘city of temples’.  Stepping out of the railway station …

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