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Jammu celebrated Gen Zorawar Singh’s 227th birth Anniversary

Atop the rooftop of the world – standing before serene waters of Lake Mansoravar on the Himalayan plateau,  band of warriors, bloodied and battered a thousand miles from their homes in the Jammu kingdom looked with grim satisfaction on the culmination of a successful campaign of war under the leadership of their inspirational leader General Zorawar Singh Brief History of Gen Zorawar Singh Zorawar Singh   (1786-1841) was born in a village of Kahlur State (also called Bilaspur from its capital) in modern Himachal Pradesh, India, in a Hindu Rajput family of Kahluria clan, they migrated to the Jammu region where, on coming of age, Zorawar took up service under Raja Jaswant Singh of Marmathi (modern Doda district). In 1817 he …

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Crumbling Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex cries for desperate help

Mubarak Mandi-Dogra Heritage-Jammu

On the eve of the three day long Baisakhi festival when one portion of the Mubarak Mandi heritage complex was decorated in different hues of festival lights almost all the newspapers and TV channels flashed colourful images of the complex on their front pages and TV screens. On the other side of the lit up complex, stood crumbled structures of the same heritage complex sending a grim reminder to the political establishment at the helm that half hearted measures can fetch accolades for the time being but unless serious efforts are made to restore the pristine glory of the iconic monument the  whole exercise would remain futile. In the recent years a whole campaign was built around restoration of the …

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Who will Convert Raghunath Bazar into a heritage market?

Raghunath Mandir

Since 2008, the residents of Jammu city have been fed that the state government  is keen on converting historical Raghunath bazaar in to a famous heritage centre by way of upgrading facilities and introducing ornamental lights, decked up pavements, underground cabling of electric wires but the regular visitors to the market continue to face hardships on account of lack of basic amenities in the crowded market flooded with visitors/tourists from different parts of the country. The beautification project sanctioned at a whopping cost of Rs 6.62 crore is yet to take off in the absence of political will and lack of interest shown by the elite babus and local businessmen.   Till date negligible work has been done for the …

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Where is Maharaja Hari Singh park?

A year ago on April 1,2012 Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and his loyalists in Jammu had organised a big show of strength in the under construction Maharaja Hari Singhji park.  Speaking  on the occasion Union Health Minister in the company of Dr Karan Singh, son of Maharaja Hari Singh, had said the park would prove to be a boon for the people of Jammu city and tourists as it would be developed as joggers park. Ironically, one year has passed  and much water has flown down the river Tawi after the grand ceremony but not a single stone has been added to the park. Today it is  facing complete neglect and has become safe parking lot for ‘lal battis’ and …

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