General Zorawar Singh Jamwal-Jammu-RBI

Spreading awareness about Traffic week is alright but who gave them the license to tie down the legs of Gen Zorawar Singh?

Spreading awareness among city denizens on issues of public importance is always welcomed. But if it is being done at the cost of showing disrespect to icons and legends in history it should be discarded. 

As nothing is more shameful than this. 
The case in point here is statute of General Zorawar Singh Jamwal atop galloping horse outside Reserve bank of India building. 

General Zorawar Singh Jamwal-Jammu-RBIIn the name of spreading awareness on traffic week the advertisers went a step ahead and instead of tying the knots of buntings and other decorative material they have tied the legs of the galloping horse of Zorawar Singh Jamwal showing utter neglect to the Dogra icon who conquered major parts of Ladakh and helped Dogra rulers expand their footprints in the cold desert of Ladakh. 

Interestingly, majority of passers by spell a word of praise on seeing the decoration when they cross through the turn around instead of noticing the fact that the majestic figure has been tied in ropes. 
The cruel advertisers may have happily shown such a disregard to the Dogra icon but intelligentia who happen to pass through the crossing has also not bothered to step down from their vehicle or spread a word or two informing the local district authorities or traffic police department to set right the grave mistake and to acknowledge the brave soldier

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