Social Revolution and Shree Krishna!!

Bharat, the Land of Great Avatars and Sages, who have shown by example how to live a life of Dharma. And amongst them is Shree Krishna, the Poorna Avatar, Great Social Reformer, Brilliant Politician, and a Teacher of Spirituality.

KrishnaThere has been no one like him. He was born in dire circumstances, amidst thunder and lightening but as a beacon of hope as bright as a thousand splendid suns.

He came at a time when every body’s motto was Eat, Drink and Be Merry. The Brahmins were not independent and were patrons of the ruling elite. The subjects taught did not include Life Lessons. Education was merely livelihood training and did not explain ways to truly develop one’s life. The Ruling Class was egoistic and running after sensual pleasures and material wealth. It was corrupt and abusive. The same behavior was mirrored by the society at large. Jaisi raja waisi Praja.

Though the people were materially wealthy, they lacked in character, integrity and were floundering through life. Clueless as to why professional and material success and fame did not bring peace.

During such a time was born Shree Krishna to show us the power of Social Cohesion and stress upon the fact that power and money are not what are needed for a Sangathan/Collective Strength and Social Revolution. He came to protect the Righteous (Saadhu) and punish the wrong doers. He came to set things right and work and walk alongside those who were marching on the Path of Dharma.

He stopped the Indra Puja which was a way to worship Vaibhav/Material wealth. He advocated and started Govardhan Puja….Go meaning Upanishad and those who protected and spread the ideas of Upanishads…a spread of Naitik Mulya/ Moral Values.

The famous Raas Lila is just that …Lila…a romanticized version of a 7 year old Krishna’s interaction with much, much older women. He knew that a woman is the catalyst to bring about change in her home, extended family and society.

And he made women instrumental in Prabhu Karya.

The Raas Lila was actually Krishna, endearing the women and stirring up a women’s movement by spending time with the Gopis and making them into Brahmins…a people who spread the message of Dharma. He showed us that we are Brahmin by deeds and not by birth.  

Grihe Grihe Gopvadhukadamba“…the revolutionary ideas were taken from door to door by these Gopis as they sold milk.

He accepted the title of “MaakhanChor” to bring about transformation…starting from the children of Gokul. There was no dearth of milk and butter in Gokul but all of it was sold to Mathura. The children of Gokul were deprived of essential nutrients. Krishna who was not lacking in any way, stole milk and butter and distributed it amongst his friends. Another perspective is that Maakhan symbolized Sadvichaar or good thoughts. He took the good from each family in Gokul and passed it on to the children. He sent the message that both a healthy body and mind are needed to make these children able citizens of tomorrow. These Gopals along with Krishna changed the society.

Krishna showed us how personal goals and honour can never be more important than the higher good of all. Naro va Kunjro Va was an extension of that concept. This lead to the victory of the Pandavas. 

Shree Krishna is the Greatest Philosopher of all times. Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta is not a religious text but a gift to Humanity. Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta has answers to man’s every possible question. It is this God’s song, which enables one to learn the true purpose of life. It is the road to inner peace and enlightenment.

The cycle of good and bad is eternal. The society 5000 years back was no different from the society of today. The Land where Krishna was born, is dipping down to new depths. And the behavior is being cloaked behind the right and need to earn money and fame, the right to practice proudly the Philosophy of I, Me, Myself….the new mantra of emancipation for all. The Right to Cowardly hide behind…‘Kaliyug hai…kya kiya ja sakta hai. A Life of inaction and pessimism.

It is necessary to excel in University (definitely not a Center of ‘Higher Learning’ but a Center of ‘Higher Earning’) but not imperative to be a man/woman of character.

The greed to hoard is overwhelming. Enough is never enough. Hence the collapsing buildings, train derailments, loot, rape and murder. Live Life King Size means ‘Upbhog'(consumption) of the highest order. Retail therapy is fast replacing Spiritual therapy. Perversity and corruption permeates everything.

There is no vision or principle in anything we do as a Government, Society or Individual.

In such times the lessons given by Krishna hold good. Time has not stolen his luster.

Knowledge and Devotion must be combined with Action. There are too many Bakasurs(Bak meaning False Pride), Aghasurs (Agh meaning Sin). Asurs are not the ugly monstrous,fictional, Indianized versions of Vampires but real immoral,corrupt,bloodsucking Rakshas sucking away at the society and the Right Way of Life/Dharma.



He asked us to keep our personal obligations/promises and loyalties aside for the greater good.

He showed us the Middle Path between Consumption and Renunciation.

He showed us that we can fill our lives with laughter and play and yet tackle the evil within and outside.

He made play divine and reminded us that Life is game that must be played well.


Janamashtami is not just about fasting and feasting but renewing our pledge to carry forward Shree Krishna’s work and blaze the trail for a Social Revolution. Rise and Shine!


Yada Tada Yatha Tatha Tathaiv Krishnsatkatha…

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum!!!


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