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Is Sham Lal prepared to revolt against Soz and Azad?

Sham trying to step out of the shadow of his brother to tackle Lal Singh?

By pitching for Hindu Chief Minister in Jammu and Kashmir Senior congress minister Sham Lal Sharma has not only opened pandoras box  for the senior party leaders but has also virtually revolted against the PCC chief Prof Saif Ud Din Soz and front runner for the post Ghulam Nabi Azad.

The timing of the statement made by Sham Lal Sharma is significant in many ways as it has been made days ahead of joining of Lal Singh in to BJP fold.

From the tone and tenor of the public statement it is abundantly clear that Sham is ready to step out of the shadow of his elder brother Madan Lal Sharma, especially after he faced poll debacle in the Lok Sabha polls.

Secondly, Sham Lal Sharma,sensing the mood of the local electorate is trying hard to improve his own chances of winning the Assembly polls especially after recording poor performance in his  home constituency from where his elder brother could not muster majority votes.

Thirdly, by continuously raising the pitch in support of Jammu region centric issues Sham has been trying to reposition himself in the eyes of the electorate. After Lal Singh left the party Sham was keen on grabbing the space of fire brand leader of Jammu region. It was Lal Singh who earned this reputation of vocal leader and feared little before crossing the party line.

Similarly, Sham who had earlier raised the issue of trifurcation of the state has deliberately made an effort to consolidate Hindu vote bank in Jammu region and offer decisive leadership to the party searching for bankable face in the run up to the Assembly polls.

Interestingly, most of the reaction that followed in the world of social networking sites Sham Lal has been received mixed responses. The Kashmir based leaders cutting across all party lines have been questioning the logic of pitching for a Hindu Chief Minister while BJP has accused him of parroting BJP’s line to garner Hindu votes in Jammu to retain his seat.

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