Jammu Province Map

Separate Jammu State?

The long struggle of the people of Telangana for a separate state may be over but here in Jammu the murmurs of separate statehood for Jammu region has started reverberating after a long gap.

Jammu Province Map

The political parties, emotionally connected with the cause and struggle of the people of Jammu have also decided to come out of the self imposed hibernation to explore the possibility of reviving the struggle against the dominance of Kashmiri leadership at the helm of affairs.

The political landscape of the winter capital is already witnessing hectic activity and closed door parleys to revive the struggle. Others who have not spoken on the issue are for the time being weighing pros and cons before taking the plunge in the decisive battle.

The moot question, however, remains Is Jammu leadership capable of leading the struggle and really ready to part ways with the Kashmir region and Whether the dream of achieving the separate statehood for Jammu region is realizable in the backdrop of unique place Jammu enjoys in the political landscape of India.

Before the demand for a separate statehood for Jammu gathers momentum in real terms, far away from the constant glare of TV cameras, the people of Jammu have to ask themselves whether they can repose their trust in the leaders who are doing the rounds of the corridors of power with vested interest and flourishing by remaining at the back and call of the political elite of the state.

In the long road to struggle it is very important that the selection of leaders be made in such a fashion that they are able to carry forward the masses and channelise the sentiments of the people who were discriminated for too long a period without falling prey to the lucrative offers to fail the agitation. It remains to be seen whether in the coming days the voices in support of the separate statehood are able to unite themselves under one roof and startegise or the dream of separate statehood would fade away without getting any shape.

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