Sarabjit Singh: A Sufferer of ill-fate and ill-politics

Had he ever imagined that he will be the cover story of every news paper and news channel?


When he is in the deep coma the whole political system has become active. Opposition is blaming the Sarabjitruling party and the government is trying its level best to save him and save its reputation through him , Our neighbouring state is in stubborn moods, without super specialties they think they can help an almost dead man !!! And amid of all such muddle a man who is the victim of false judiciary system is fighting for his breadths.

Sarabjit Singh, a victim of mistaken identity was the resident of Bhikhiwind, located along the Indo-Pakistan border in Tarn Taran district of Punjab, India. Arrested on 28 August 1990, he has suffered 22 years of prison term for a crime he is not guilty of. He was charged of illegally crossing the India-Pakistan border but after 8 days the Pakistan police charged him with being involved in the 1990 terror blast in Faisalabad and Lahore, responsible for the 4 serial blasts which killed 14 people.sarab

For the judiciary system 22 years may not be a long term but for an individual it is the whole youth and in Sarabjit’s case may be the whole life, full of dreams to step on his motherland again, to love his daughters and feel the feel of family and may be the hope of finally getting justice one day . May be all such things were just reminiscence to him, or may be his sole determination for living.

Whatever we may call it but the man with all his answers is now in ICU in Jinnah hospital. I and you here can only pray for him.


May you not die as a victim

May you not be called  a sufferer of ill fate and ill politics

May you come back !!!!!

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