Running 8 Commissions proving to be a daunting task for the J&K Govt.

In Jammu and Kashmir there is no dearth of commissions and the state government never shies away from accommodating their favorite retired officers or politicians to run the show sitting in the cool confines of decorated offices.

But attached to it is the heavy price the state govt is spending every month to keep these commissions in working conditions.

The biggest challenge before these commissions is to create an impression that they are working round the clock for the welfare of the people while incurring huge establishment cost to match the whims and fancies of the ‘elite’ at the helm.

JKAccording to report prepared by the General Administration department (GAD) the State Government  roughly spent over 52 crore between 2010-2012 on salaries and other expenditures of eight prominent Commissions established in the State.

While, 22.36 crore were spent by the J&K Public service commission in last three years while expenses to the tune of over ₹9 crore were incurred by the State Human Right Commission during the same period.

J&K State Commission for Women expended ₹2.65 crore and the State Commission for Backward classes spent ₹2.55 crore between 2010-2012 on the salaries and other expenditure, the GAD report said.jkpsc logo

According to the report J&K PSC spent around 12.62 crore on salaries, traveling expenditure, telephone bills, petrol charges, Hospitality and Protocol, Furniture/ Fixture, Professional charges etc while  ₹9.74 crore were spent on construction of PSC building in Jammu, land acquisition, machinery/equipment,management and capacity building etc.

The State Information Commission, which received over 12,000 applications in the  year 2011-12 spent ₹4.01 crore on salaries and other establishment charges between 2011-12 and 2012-13.

On the other hand the State Consumer Commission spent around ₹3.71 crore on salaries of their employees while J&K State Electricity Regulatory commission spent around ₹3.15 crore between 2010-2012.

The State Commission for Women  in its annual performance report has also claimed that out of 327 cases registered between 2010-12 250 were resolved and 132 out of 200 cases registered between 2012-2013 were resolved. 18 legal awareness camps/seminar and gender budgeting programme were also organised during the same period.

The J&K PSC in its annual performance report has claimed that in 2012-13 the commission recommended 511 candidates for appointment to various posts in different departments, the commission cleared promotion proposals for 1110 officers in various departments of the state and conducted 24 departmental competitive examinations and held 16 examinations on behalf of UPSC in the state.

The State Human Rights commission claimed that it disposed off 4893 complaints till March 18,2013 and in 1376 cases the recommendations were made and compensation were awarded.The state accountability commission in its annual report stated, 324 cases were pending in the commission as on 21-08-2011 (date of reconstitution of present commission).

The commission transferred 282 cases to the state vigilance commission in terms of section 32 of the ACT.The commission decided 128 cases between 2011-2012.

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