Public locked HS, Pachound – A at Dudu Basantgarh Ramnagar

The lofty slogans of govt. in raising the educational infrastructure have proved nothing but only rhetoric.

The public of Pachound –A of Dudu Zone, Tehsil Ramnagar showed their anger by locking the only High school of their village namely HS Pachound since last two days. According to the local persons of the area, the said school has four teachers and one Headmaster, but still then the school opened once in a week and the Headmaster of the school mostly remain absent from duties. There was never a occasion when more than two teacher were present in the school. The public showed their strong resentment against the present govt. as well as the deptt. of education.

            pawan devIn order to pacify the situation, JKNPP youth provincial secretary Mr. Pawan Dev Singh along with other activists paid a visit to the  village today to take stock of the ground reality.

            He called the concerning ZEO  and showed his deep concern about the matter. Meanwhile Local M.L.A Ramnagar Sh. Harsh Dev Singh also directed the concerning CEO to readdress the grievances of the people immediately by posting the trs. In the school and to take stern action against the habitual absentee staff.

            Mr. Pawan Dev Singh while pacifying the people strongly criticized the present coalition govt. for neglecting  the far-off hilly areas at all fronts.

            He reminded the present govt. about the golden era of education deptt. When Hon’ble M.L.A was the minister for education of the state. He assured the people that educational rights as well as other cases. He also lambasted upon the govt. that more than 1000 teacher have been promoted as masters, nearly 1000 masters got promoted as I/C Lect. And 250 Headmasters, but the slow pace of govt. in adjusting them made thousands of govt. institutions as defunct.

            Later the people on assurance opened the lock of the school. However Mr. Pawan Dev Singh Stressed upon the concerning educational authorities to take stern action against the absentee staff. Ashok Malkan, Ishar Dass Sarpanch, Subash Chandar, Kaku Ram, Karnail Singh, Girdhari Lal, Kunj Lal, Darshan kumar, Pawan Rasal, Sham Parsad and others.   

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