Politics in India- Really a dirty game?

The common perception of most of the people about politics is that politics is a dirty game; all the persons who are in politics are corrupt. Very few persons are interested in politics and this is mainly because most of the politicians so far we have seen are corrupt, involved in some scandals / scams or has some criminal cases against them.

netajiThe common response which we get after asking someone about politics is – Stay away from it, Dirty thing, It’s not my choice etc. But the question is, is this only a perception of the people about politics or truth about politics? Well, up to some extent, it is the truth which we all know and politicians don’t acknowledge this bitter truth.

There are/were very few people in politics who are/were not corrupt and very few has/had the will to do the welfare of the society. Only those who have some contacts with the party high command or are popular to some section of the society are getting the party tickets in General / Lok Sabha elections.
Someone can argue if some person can get a ticket without any criterion for contesting elections to represent the large number of people, then why there are exams like UPSC / State-level public services exams which a large number of people have to crack with enormous hard work for serving the society. After all they are also public servants and represent our nation to the outside world like most of our politicians do. There are a large number of people who aspire to become I.A.S / I.P.S but there are only few who aspire to become politician or choose politics as a profession.

Now, the question arises how to make politics a fair job so that more people aspire to become politicians and only literate, educated and those who have the determination to serve the society will enter into politics. For making this thing possible, we have to introduce the criterion system in politics which we have in academics. There has to be a different criterion for different type of posts like if someone wants to be an external affairs minister, he/she should have a degree in international relationship, if someone wants to be a finance minister he/she should have degree in economics, finance etc. Age factor also has to be there in the criterion like we have it in academics so that more youth will enter into politics. By introducing criterion system in politics we can’t ensure that corruption will end or there will be no scams, but we can ensure about the quality of the people entering into politics.

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