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PM may have been receiving pension from World Bank in Dollars: BJP

Prime Minister  Dr Manmohan Singh has once again come on the radar of the  opposition party BJP over the issue of tumbling value of Indian rupee in comparison to US Dollar.

A senior BJP leader who was in Jammu saturday claimed that Dr Manmohan Singh is indifferent towards tumbling value of Indian rupee in comparison to US dollar as he may have been receiving his pension from the world bank in Dollars.

The BJP leader also took a dig at  Finance Minister P Chidambaram for failing to contain the depreciating value of the Indian rupee and blamed the duo for grossly mismanaging the affairs of the Indian economy.

Addressing a press conference here at party headquarters in Jammu BJP National General Secretary P. Muralidhar Rao said the manner in which the Prime Minister and Finance Minister  are tackling the issue of depreciating value of rupee it appears they have no clear cut idea of the Indian economy and in which direction it is heading.He said ever since UPA govt is in office the rupee has witnessed steep fall and gradually weakening in comparison to US dollar.

Alleging that the value of Indian rupee has gone down and the present economic position has worsened more than what was the case even in 1991 he said that this situation has not moved Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. He said he may have been getting pension from World Bank in Dollars and have no concern for decline in rupee value.

Rao also targeted Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for his misgovernance and claimed Omar was trying to cover up his misgovernance and administrative failure by diverting the attention of the people through provocative statements which can cause communal tension. 

Muralidhar Rao said that Omar Abdullah is finding it difficult to face the people for not fulfilling any of the promises and is hence indulging in issuing statements, which is very unfortunate. He said that the Congress is more responsible for Omar’s misdeeds and divisive utterances from time to time as it has extended full support and free hand to him. 

On Article-370, Rao said that it need to be abrogated as it has been misused by NC to continue in power.  He said that this article has only harmed the interest of the common people and induced sense of separation. He said that the party will focus on J&K and expose the anti-people policies of NC-Congress coalition

Announcing party’s decision to launch a campaign at national level against UPA, Rao said that Manmohan Singh led government at the centre has failed on all fronts and the country is passing through worst economic crisis. The only achievement of the UPA has been scams, misuse of CBI and IB to shield corrupt ministers and leaders of congress and allies of UPA. Our foreign policy under UPA has received setback  as the countries like Pakistan and China have been continuing with their anti-India crusade.

Supporting the Telangana issue, he said that it will not cause any problem for Andhra Pradesh in any matter and the sentiments of the people need to be honoured. 

Commenting on the appointment of Narendra Modi as Election Management Committee Incharge, Rao said that Modi is a popular leader of the country and after his recent appointment there is a positive ways in favour of BJP which is shocking the Congress and other parties who are fearing their total ouster in the coming days.

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