Plenty of Sign boards deface the glory of SBI building ?

How many sign boards are  good enough to guide a person to locate a famous office building? 
And if the building happens to be located in a famous business centre, in the vicinity of another popular building chances are that majority of people won’t find it difficult to locate the same.

SBI-JammuBut in Jammu if you stand outside the zonal office of State Bank of India you will end up counting large number of sign boards which are seen hanging or erected on all the walls of the building. 
The regular visitors to the bank find it difficult to stomach the fact that the sign boards are erected to guide the customers to the bank. Many senior citizens while pointing to the near by Reserve Bank of India building claimed that when only one sign board has been erected outside the RBI building then what was the need for SBI authorities to erect more than two dozen sign boards on the front wall of the building. 
There are other local residents in the area who find it unnecessary wastage of money as the sign board do not serve any purpose and end up spoiling the surroundings/aesthetics of the building.
The building with pink stone look gracious but the large number of sign boards/hoardings and glow sign boards have completely spoiled the surroundings and look of the building. 
Few retired bank employees also find it strange when they were asked to comment what was the need for bank authorities to put up large number of sign boards. 
Few regular customers have demanded a thorough probe in the matter as they consider it is  complete wastage of money or an attempt on the part of the bank authorities to promote the agency who has designed or delivered these sign board to the bank management. 

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