PDP MLA Syed Bashir J&K assembly

PDP MLA Syed Bashir apologises for slapping Marshal

PDP legislator Syed Bashir who slapped a Jammu and Kashmir assembly marshal on Wednesday apologized in the house on Thursday.

“If someone from the staff has hurt while taking me out of the House, I apologise for that,” Mr Bashir told the House.

Syed Bashir, who represents the south Kashmir Rajpoora constituency, sought apology on the floor of the House for yesterday’s incident when he slapped member of watch and ward staff while he was being marshaled out of the house on the directions of the speaker Mubarak Gul.

The situation turned ugly in the house when PDP MLA made a desperate effort to raise the issue of shortage of ration supply for migrants living in the Jagti Migrant colony.  

When he was directed by the speaker not to disturb the proceedings as Agriculture Minister GH Mir was tabling the grants of the department the PDP MLA ignored  the diktats and started raising the issue while approaching the well of the house.

Acting swiftly the Speaker directed the marshals to  evict him out of the house. While marshals pushed him at least five PDP MLA’s including Naizam Din Bhat, Dr Mohd Shafi, and three others came to his rescue but they too were marshaled out on the directions of the speaker.

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