PDP humiliated media persons in Jammu, party leaders forced them to squat

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Saturday humiliated media persons by forcing them to sit on the ground while PDP Chief Mehbooba Mufti and patron Mufti Mohd Sayeed addressed PDP leaders here at party headquarters in Jammu.  The elected leaders of the party and former legislators occupied chairs.

 On Saturday when PDP leaders assembled here at Gandhi Nagar to participate in the election process of party Chief Mehbooba Mufti some of the senior leaders including former MLA’s occupied front row seats in the Press enclosure.

After noticing their presence few other party leaders also shifted from their back rows and occupied seats in the press enclosure.

After the election process got over and media persons,who were waiting inside the party office were escorted by the media coordinators of the party  to click pictures of newly elected party Chief Mehbooba Mufti there was no space for the media persons to sit.

Several reporters including female journalists kept standing while camera persons were shouted at by the PDP members as they claimed the standing media persons were blocking the clear view of their respected leaders.

After the function was over when some media persons protested against the behaviour of PDP leaders and others and not offering seats to them despite sending them invitation the PDP leaders apologized.

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