Police uses brutal force to crush their protest march

PDP activists held demonstrations against Omar led alliance govt

Large number of PDP activists and supporters saturday organised massive show of strength to corner the Omar Abdullah led alliance govt in the state over the issue of rampant corruption and its failure to address the issue of burgeoning unemployment. PDP Activists lathichargedLed by senior leaders, PDP activists took out a protest march as a part of their district level agitation across the state in Gandhi Nagar area and blocked traffic on the busy Satwari road.

The protestors amid anti-government slogans marched towards the Jammu-Pathankot national highway where they were stopped by the police.
As they were not allowed to proceed, they clashed with the police following which police resorted to lathi-charge, used water cannons and also fired smoke shells to disperse the protestors.

“To maintain law and order situation, smoke shells were fired at the protestors,” a police official said.

He added that around 40 workers were also taken into custody, who were later bailed out.

PDP today staged district level protests across the state against the issues of unemployment, corruption, mis-governance and erratic power supply in the state.
In view of the complete collapse of power distribution system in this freezing winter months in Kashmir valley, the focus of demonstrations remained lack of electricity, while workers also highlighted scarcity of ration, kerosene oil, LPG and drinking water.

In Jammu province, the government was on receiving end of the demonstrations for rampant corruption, unemployment among the youth and mis-governance.

The speakers castigated the government for pushing the entire Valley into complete darkness forcing the people to switch over to the ancient means of lightning. Even the authorities have even failed to stick to the atrocious power schedule, announced for the winters, but the tariff has been increased five folds, over the last five years.

In many cases, they pointed out, bills have been inflated beyond reasonable limits with the result people have been unable to pay the tariff.

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