Pakistan interfering in mobile phone operations in Jammu & Kashmir: Aircel

Pakistan is resorting to cellular interference in some areas of Jammu and Kashmir and operators working in the state have taken up the issue with the Centre, a leading telecom company said on Thursday.

“We have highlighted the issue with the government and the government is supporting us on that. There is the issue of interference and the government will find a solution to it shortly,” Anil Gupta, Regional Business Head, North, Aircel, said.

Gupta said after the issue was raised by telecommunications companies operating in the state, the Centre has started testing the interference in the areas where such frequency is high.

“We had received complaints about poor services in some areas because of the interference. Testing of the interference in those areas has been done and government is supporting us in testing. So, we are trying to see how best we can offer the services to our customers in those areas,” he said. He said the company was also addressing the issue of call drops at the national level.

“It is a normal thing which happens due to various reasons primarily due to expansion. But we are addressing the issue at the national level,” Gupta said.

Earlier, the company launched two innovative products for rapid growth of internet adoption in the state. Claiming the products were the first of their kind, Aircel introduced ‘Free basic internet’ for all new subscribers and ‘Unlimited data’ at the rate of Rs nine per day for the existing customers as part of the telecom operator’s strategy to push mobile Internet usage.

Gupta said the product has been specially designed keeping in view the dramatic increase of mobile data users, for whom it is as much a part of their daily lives as voice calling.

“With this new product, all new prepaid customers will be able to now browse and actively use their favourite applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, besides also accessing their daily need applications for banking and travel, utility bills payments, etc. The offer is aimed at fuelling mobile internet adoption in J-K, keeping in view that a considerable population of about 60 per cent of our mobile phone users is still offline,” he said.

The company also offered unlimited data – both 2G as well as 3G at Rs nine per day.

“We firmly believe that internet is for all and through our constant efforts of innovating products and services, we aim to make Aircel a gateway to the internet for many. Free Basic Internet was created with that thought and is in line with our promise of ‘doing a little extra’ for our subscribers. We are confident that it will not only greatly ease the pockets of our new customers, but also help us fuel internet adoption in the state for those who still are not online. This is clearly a reflection of our vision to empower all our customers with easily accessible and affordable internet,” Gupta said.

He said the free basic internet will be given to the new customers for the first three months. (Agencies)

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