Jitendra Singh-BJP-Border-ceasefire violation

Pakistan cannot dictate its agenda, India is capable enough to decide its own terms and agendas: Jitendra Singh

Rejecting Pakistan’s stand that creation of “dedicated” townships in Kashmir Valley for displaced Kashmiri Pandits would change the demographic makeup of the state, Union Minister Jitendra Singh today said Narendra Modi led-government would not let anybody dictate its agenda.

“No, I think India is capable enough to decide on its own terms and agenda. As far as India is concern about how to go on these issues– whether it is the issue of terrorism or issue of displaced people returning to their homes, I do not think the government would let anybody dictate its agenda”, Singh told reporters here today.

He was replying to a volley of questions about the Pakistan’s statement opposing “dedicated” townships in the Valley for displaced Kashmiri Pandits.
On the issue of whether Government of India would lodge a protest against Pakistan over interference in its internal matter, he said,”There are mechanism in place for that. We have Ministry of External Affairs and Home and they take an appropriate positioning each time”.

On the issue whether the government will still go ahead with the twin city concept for rehabilitation of KPs in Valley following opposition from Pak and separatists, Singh said “I will not like to engage in this discussion because the Home Ministry is taking the cognizance of all the options and to the best of its wisdom, it will decide”.

On the issue of UN resolution & change of demographic concern, the Union Minister said, “as far as we in India are concerned, we go more by the resolution of 1994, which is passed in the Parliament unanimously by all the political parties which upheld that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral and inseparable part of India and there is no issue left to be resolved”.

“As far as J&K is concern, if at all there is an issue left to be resolved or unresolved that is the issue of how to retrieve back the part of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir which continues to remain under the illegal occupation of Pakistan which is otherwise as Pak Occupied Jammu & Kashmir”, he said. (AGENCIES)

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