LOC Poonch

Pak trained Infiltrator killed in hand to hand combat along LoC in Poonch

Rifleman Prem Bahadur Roka Magar displayed nerves of steel

Soldiers of the Indian army are known for their bravery and sheer display of raw courage during testing times. In the wee hours of Saturday  a courageous soldier of the Gurkha regiment eliminated a Pakistan trained infiltrator in a hand to hand combat along the line of control(LoC) in Poonch.

Defence PRO in Jammu said, a 23 year old soldier from the elite Gurkha Regt of the Indian Army, Rifleman Prem Bahadur Roka Magar scripted an astonishing saga of raw courage and fearlessness, resulting in the elimination of two hardcore Pakistan trained terrorists in the Poonch sector.

Defence PRO said, the brave soldier after reaching within hand shaking distance tried to grab the AK 47 rifle of the Pak  trained infiltrator and in the ensuing melee he escaped a gun shot and dropped his own weapon.

Without thinking for his own safety the brave solider pounced on the infiltrator and grappled with him  before the two fell in a near by nallah.

He said following hard intelligence inputs about the possible infiltration in the area the troops were deployed in a group of multiple ambushes near the Baghialdhara Nallah on the Line of Control.

He said before hand to hand combat Magar and his ambush party spotted a group of terrorists and eliminated one with precise and controlled fire of automatic weapons, after tracking them with night vision devices for some time.

According to Defence PRO,”What followed  was the stuff of legends when Magar, in darkness and extremely thick foliage, initially mistaking another armed militant to be one his colleagues, moved to within hand shaking distance of him, was almost shot down and in the melee also dropped his own weapon. Completely belying his young years and displaying nerves of steel with scant regard for his own safety, the courageous Gurkha engaged in a fierce physical duel with the terrorist while simultaneously grabbing his AK 47 which was spewing a hail of fire”. The two grappled and rolled down the hillside, finally disengaging with a fall in another Nallah. The militant, now clearly unnerved by the boldness of the braveheart, tried to make good his escape. Magar though bereft of his personal weapon, whipped out a hand grenade and hurled it at the fleeing miscreant killing him instantaneously, thus bringing to conclusion another heroic chapter that epitomizes the character and ethos of the Indian Army and its matchless soldiers.  

The PRO said, the search parties later recovered 2 AK 47 Rifles, 240 rounds of AK 47, 8 Magazines of AK 47 Rifles, I UBGL, 2 UBGL grenades, 3 hand grenades, 1 claymore mine, 2 detonators, 1 timer device, 1 packet explosives, 3 rucksuck and 1 handy cam.

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