Our Jawans too deserve better Facilities: CRPF

If you have not seen a mini refrigerator which is roughly of the size of 25 litres of water bucket and do not burn electricity to keep water cool visit any CRPF post in the ‘city of temples’ and chances are that you end up locating one odd bucket in and around the folding beds of CRPF jawans where they must have kept water bottles to quench their thirst.

This is one of the very few luxuries possessed by these  men who brave adverse weather conditions and perform their duties without even complaining to their superior officers.


Majority of CRPF battalions deployed across the state have not been accommodated in permanent places and shift from one place to another in tented accommodation often on the road sides, temporary buildings and elsewhere in the absence of their own infrastructure.Now as the  central paramilitary force (CRPF) is gearing up for the 55 day long Amarnath yatra providing decent and bare minimum facilities  to their jawans is going to be a herculean task for the state government already facing shortage of funds to take care of the needs of its burgeoning police force.

On an average in a tented accommodation 6-10  CRPF jawans are accommodated. At certain places the jawans have been permitted to raise temporary structures  but they too do not provide enough space to the jawans to relax properly leave aside solving their problems.

Inside these temporary structures jawans struggle to catch their sleep in the absence of bare minimum facilities which include even a ceiling fan. 

jawansInside the barrack the jawans do not have enough space  to stand and extend their arms.If all of them want to come out in one go they may not get enough space to even stand inside the barrack. The jawans do not get enough  clean space to even hang  their  creased uniforms and have  been left with no alternative to stock their bare essentials  in trunks kept under their only luxurious possession— folding bed. There is no scope for the recreational facilities and the only  entertainment facility these jawans possess is portable radiosets of their own.

They get cooked food from their mess. 

After every four hours when jawans turn up  for guard duty outside the barrack they face problems before getting ready in the absence of any toilet and bathroom facility.

While taking rest on their beds these jawans often end up rapping themselves with electric wires hanging by their bed side to fix separate bulb for reading purposes, muddy walls back and forth  greet them  through out the day with posters of gods and goddesses  when they feel lonely. 

To beat pangs of hunger  these jawans have to wait little longer to pick their packed tiffin boxes from the nearby mess.

Senior CRPF officers admitted” Our jawans do not have the  basic amenities  and are discharging their duties despite getting sub standard living conditions”.

“If we cannot offer safe and  cold drinking water to our jawans during summer months what more facilities they can expect from us”, the senior CRPF officers commented.  

“Our charter of duties is increasing with each passing day in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and we have remained in the forefront in the valley with state police force in containing law and order duties yet when it comes to providing facilities for our jawans we do not get our due share from the state government”, the CRPF officers argued pleading their case for better facilities for their jawans so that they can discharge their duties in good frame of mind. 


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