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Omar predicts NC would script a historic victory in Assembly polls

Despite losing all the three Lok Sabha seats in Kashmir valley and facing multi corner fight in the crucial Assembly polls due in October-November Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Tuesday predicted his party National Conference would script a historic victory in the Assembly Elections.

Omar said the people of J&K would continue to repose their faith in a party that has not only proven to be a bulwark that protects the State’s political interests and regional aspirations but has also ensured unparalleled and unprecedented development across the length and breadth of the State in the last five and a half years.

According to a statement issued by the party the NC Working President said that Assembly Elections are based on matters of local governance and is in fact a test of approval for path-breaking initiatives and all efforts that have been put in to usher J&K towards a corrective era of growth and prosperity. “National Conference while in the Government in the last five and a half years has outperformed every past dispensation in ensuring pioneering steps were taken to make J&K self-reliant, developed and prosperous.

Every single sector of governance – health, power production, education, infrastructure, roads and bridges, higher-education, tourism, rural development – has witnessed remarkable development and systemic up-gradation during the last five and a half years. And this development has not remained restricted to urban centres and files in secretariat but has percolated to the grassroots level and has touched the day-to-day lives of common men and women living in some of the most far-flung areas of the State. This has in turn translated into unprecedented local development. It is based on the delivery of this perceptible change and development that National Conference will emerge victorious in the Assembly Elections”, Omar said.

Omar said that National Conference had faced numerous challenges, intrigues and political challenges in a history that spans more than eight decades and is full of instances when the party has defeated these intrigues and emerged victorious right after election results that were less than satisfactory for the party. “We have come back and fought hard on our principles of dignity, integrity and inclusive politics every single time a political intrigue was hatched against us. This is the legacy of Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah – your beloved leader who chose persecution and incarceration over the very idea of compromise. That legacy beats in our hearts and we will fight to gain a clear mandate with honor, prestige and a sense of selfless public service and nation building”, Omar Abdullah said.

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