Omar loses cool

Omar loses cool after BJP legislators held him responsible for severe power crisis in the state

Jammu based BJP legislators Monday provoked Chief Minister Omar Abdullah as he lost his balance and stooped so low to call them ‘Chamchas’ of Dr Farooq Abdullah to divert the attention of people reeling under severe power crisis.

Striking an emotional chord with the audience after witnessing loud protests  over power crisis in Jammu belt Omar said the entire state of J&K is facing severe power crisis but these BJP legislators have staged these demonstration only for the sake of cameras.

He said they never raised their voice for last five and half years but now as Assembly polls are nearing  they are creating these scenes to befool the voters who elect them to power.

Interestingly, senior congress ministers sitting by Omars side also maintained silence to restore the order. PHE Minister Sham Lal Sharma, Housing Minister Raman Bhalla, MoS Power Viqar Rasool were also present on the occasion.

Omar was present in Jammu club  to launch the second phase of Re-structured Accelerated Power Development Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) for Jammu division .

 Reacting to the loud protests of BJP legislators Ashok Khajuria, Sham Choudhary, Sukhnandan,  Prof Gharu Ram,Bharat Bhushan  and others   Omar Abdullah also exposed their double speak while launching a scathing attack on them.

Irritated with their behaviour Omar said  BJP legislators were staging these protests only for the sake of camera as Assembly polls are round the corner.

Omar even went on to call the party leaders as ‘deceitful’ as they have been trading their support ignoring the interests of people of Jammu region.

Omar said these legislators who are staging these protests  never fight for Jammu in our offices. They are doing it just for cameras. He said if these people were present here in the hall i would have said so on their face. I am not a man who indulges in double speak. What i say i say it on the face in front of any one.

 In a scathing attack on BJP leader leading the protest Omar went on say you cannot fight for the people of Jammu by wearing this pagdi( turban). He said it comes from the heart.

He said  when Dr Farooq Abdullah was in power he did his chamcha giri for six long years. He came to my father Farooq Abdullah, when he was the CM, to request for a medical seat for his relative, PSC , transfers,posting of his close relatives.

 He said the BJP leaders traded the votes of the people and have dodged them for their own vested interests.Omar said now the same people who were silent for last five and half years have started making noises and want to ride on the shoulders of PM Narendra Modi, He said they have been talking in high air about acche din. Ket them bring acche din and fill our coffers as well we can then provide 24 hour uniterrupted power supply to the people of the state, Omar said.

He also referred to the issue of cross voting by BJP legislators in the MLC polls. he said all these people who were staging protests should be asked if we were so bad then why instead of voting for their own party candidate they voted for the alliance candidate

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