Old Age Home – My Destiny!!!

oldageSo many topics to discuss,100s of protests to cover,1000s of protesters to protest, uncountable issues to solve but a topic which is out of every one’s interest, a topic which is not related to so called trend and etc.etc.

India is a country where people relates their parents to God and still most of the  people are following the trend of spending their so called God to old age homes, soon after having an equal share of their parent’s properties. With the disintegration of the traditional Indian family, old age homes are becoming a family feature even for those coming from better economic backgrounds.

 “This shit was never expected. I have spent my every single breath for those who were with me just because of my property, never for me, for those who were pieces of my heart and now a days, are not more than unknowns.”(Ram Singh)

Ram singh is blessed with 3 sons and a daughter but still no one of them has enough time to look after their ageing  father , no one has extra room at their home in which Ram Singh can spend his last years of his life. The irony is inescapable. Do People pray to be blessed with children only to suffer callous neglect and abandment in their final years of  life?! This is a big question In the era of so called mordenization.

Unfortunately it happens and happening not only with Ram Singh. Family after family, story is the same. Sons and daughters are driving their elder parents out of the house once the property has been distributed to them.

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