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Enjoying perks of Power since 2009 Now Why is Omar provoking Kashmiris to raise their head against Delhi Durbar?

Just few days back when Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh  and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi were on a two Manmohan with Omarday long visit to Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah played perfect host and despite provocations from the organisers of the show managers kept his cool and used enough adjectives in his public speeches to thank the UPA leadership for standing behind the state of J&K and helping the state govt build developmental projects and sanctioning liberal funds for various schemes.

But on Sunday when Omar Abdullah was speaking at a public rally he was nasty in his utterances. Within a span of less than two weeks Omar suddenly had a change of heart as he lashed out at the centre for its failure to address political issues  of J&K  and also went on to say “those sitting in Delhi and considering that participation of people of the State in Panchayat elections, qualifying of IAS and other All India Competitive Exams by Kashmiris or selection of a local youth (Parvez Rasool) in Indian cricket team would solve basic political issues, are wrong.

“This kind of mindset is unfortunate and untrue,” Omar said addressing a public meeting  in Kanir under Charar-e-Sharief Assembly constituency.

Pointing out that it was the Government of India, which had appointed the Interlocutors to look into political problems of the State and suggest a viable solution, the Chief Minister said: “the Centre had to work out a political solution to the issue.

In a veiled threat  Omar also asked the Centre not to test the patience and restrain of the people of Kashmir or take anger of Kashmiris and people in the Valley for granted.

omar abdullah with talwarOmar said the people in Kashmir may exhibit restrain and patience over various “provocations” like hanging of Afzal Guru without informing his family, killing of two innocent youth in Markundal recently and many such provocations but this doesn’t mean that their patience will always be taken for granted.

Cautioning the Centre against adopting this kind of approach, the Chief Minister said: “I want to tell them that the anger of Kashmiris and peace in the Valley can’t be taken for granted. Though the people of Jammu and Kashmir particularly those living in the Valley have always chosen peace against disturbance, yet you can’t take them for granted forever”.

He made it clear that permanent peace and tranquility in the State is directly proportionate to resolution of basic political issues confronting the State.

Now the question arises  why all of a sudden Omar has turned sharp critique of his alliance partner in Delhi and why all of a sudden he has started striking discordant notes and provoking kashmiris on the streets of Kashmir valley. Omar’s claptrap  and high handed approach despite enjoying perks of power may not sound music to the ears of the UPA leadership.

Political observers and close Kashmir watchers observed, “Omar was giving vent to his frustration and only trying to play to the galleries in Kashmir valley. The Delhi durbar has been sending him back empty handed every time he knocks down at their door steps for some help. His leadership credentials has been exposed  by the same congress by forcing him to sit quite on sensitive matters after airing his views in public domain.

Omar has to bite his words on the contentious issue of AFSPA. He has been telling KASHMIRIS in the public rallies that he is on the threshold of clinching a peace deal and discussing the issue with the centre. Despite all his bravado he has been already sidelined by the political elite in New Delhi and  has been even deprived of the ‘magic wand’ to solve the KASHMIR PUZZLE.

Omar may have dreamt of leading the pack of orchestra on the eve of the Assembly polls in the state to drumbeat his set of achievements but the state congress leadership and their mentors in the congress high command are equally determined to disturb his applecart at the cost of  improving their own tally as they are also nurturing the dream of anointing their own Chief Minister in 2014.

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