omar blames modi

Now Omar blames Modi for violence against Kashmiri students in Noida

Kashmiris extend highest degree of hospitality and love to lakhs of Visitors and Yatris visiting Kashmir every year

Criticising BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi for his anti-Kashmiri campaign and instigating university students against Kashmiri boys and girls seeking education in various universities of the country, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today described it most unfortunate and an act of highest disregard.

Cautioning Mr Modi against the fall-out and consequences of such anti-Kashmiri utterances, he said for mere political gain the BJP prime ministerial candidate is playing with the  fire.

He said Mr Modi’s this uncalled for and dangerous act would create distress and dismay in the minds of young  generation.

Addressing election rallies at Bandipora, Handwara and Pattan on Monday, Mr Abdullah urged the Chief Ministers of all the states of the country to ensure safety of Kashmiri students and debar such politicians to address university students who flair up communal and regional tension and generate hatred against Kashmiri students.

The Chief Minister said Mr Modi and his agents should learn a lesson or two from the Kashmiris about the trait of mutual brotherhood, secularism, love and dignified treatment to the guests.

‘The people of Kashmir receive lakhs of visitors and Yatris every year and are extending highest degree of hospitality and love to them,’ he said and asked all the Chief Ministers of the Country to take a leaf from this book of people of Kashmir and ensure protection, safety and smooth imparting of education to Kashmiri youth studying in various universities in the country.

Mr Abdullah described PDP an amalgam of power hungry lot whose track record is sufficient proof of betrayal, opportunism, deception and double-face of its leadership.

‘Power hungry PDP leadership is known for political somersaulting and making alliances for their convenience,’ he said and reminded the people of the broken promises made by this party to the people on providing ‘two employments’ to each household and giving ‘healing touch’ to their wounds.

‘All are aware that on employment front Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti got themselves employed as the Chief Minister of the state and the Member of the Parliament, and instead of giving healing touch to the people the leadership of PDP gave them killing touch and indulged in highest degree of nepotism, malpractices and  misgovernance.

So much so that they dislodged the government of their coalition partner for power thrust,’ he said and cautioned the people of the habitual tactics of PDP leadership to blow its own trumpet and mislead the people by raising sentimental and false slogans.

He said presently PDP leadership is misleading the masses by carrying the bogus propaganda bogie of ‘Badlau’ (Change) in the current election campaign despite the fact that Lok Sabha Election has nothing to do with the election of Chief Minister or the MLAs.

‘They are doing this to deceive the people otherwise by ‘Badlau’ they want to bring Mr Modi as the Prime Minister of India and they are extending all tactical and hidden support to him,’ he said adding that the PDP leadership lacks guts and has no courage to openly support the Gujarat Chief  Minister.

‘They are in hidden league with BJP which has actually founded this party in the state to carry forward its anti-Jammu and Kashmir agenda and divide the society here through its PDP agents,’ he maintained and referred to the fielding of candidates by PDP in Jammu Division tactfully to divide the voters and help BJP. (AGENCIES)

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