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Now J&K Housing Board officers have started lifting resting benches from parks to please their Neighbours/VVIPs

Seniors officers of the Jammu and Kashmir Housing Board Unit -I located in Channi Himmat have started lifting benches, fixed in the Green Belt park for morning and evening walkers to catch their breath,to appease blue eyed residents and VVIPs.

While doing so the housing board officials have crossed all limits of responsible behaviour and set a new trend of robbing common citizens  to appease VVIP’s.

According to aggrieved walkers who come regularly to the Green Belt park have revealed that for last couple of days several benches fixed in the Green belt park have been found missing and on proper inquiry conducted by them at their end they have found out the same have been shifted to parks maintained by individuals in front of their flats located in Pocket 5 of Housing boad flats, Sector 2, Channi Himmat.

Resting benches was the only basic amenity available to the common residents but irresponsible behaviour on the part of senior  Housing board officials have now deprived the morning/evening walkers of their basic amenity.

On Monday when a group of agitated senior residents visited the office of DGM Housing Board Unit-I and enquired from him who actually had ordered the lifting of resting benches from the Green Belt park the senior officer feigned ignorance.

But minutes later when the same officer was countered by the angry residents to ascertain the identity of the Housing board officer at whose behest the benches were shifted  from the park the Housing Board official revealed name of his subordinate officer, also living in the neighborhood.

The said officer is wife of a senior police officer and when approached by her neighbors she went on to oblige them without caring for the large population of residents who visit the park for their regular morning and evening walk.

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According to senior residents when the entire exercise of uprooting the fixed benches was conducted they tired to contact the housing board officers but failed to reach them in time.

As they followed the auto carrier in which the resting benches were shifted to Pocket 5, of Housing board flats, Sector 2 they visited the office of DGM Housing unit -I to apprise him about the developments and seek explanation.

DGM Housing board Unit -I while clarifying his position before the common residents informed them,” I am not aware whether any  order was issued by the JK housing board to shift the resting benches from the Green belt park to any other place.

He said instead of seeking permission and taking senior officer in to confidence the said officer in a bid to oblige her neighbors went ahead and directed the housing board staff to lift the fixed benches and shifted the same to please her neighbors”.When he was asked by the residents to arrange few more resting benches for their personal parks in the same manner he  rejected the proposal and claimed he would order an inquiry to fix the responsibility of the  Housing board authorities.

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