National Conference-Jammu-Sher-e-Kashmir Bhawan

NC leaders block traffic outside Sher-e-Kashmir Bhawan by parking their vehicles hapahazardly

Haphazard parking of vehicles by leaders of the National Conference and their escort vehicles led to long traffic jam on the otherwise busy Residency road in Jammu on Friday.  

As chaos prevailed in the area large number of commuters and tourist vehicles remained stranded due to break down of traffic order.

National Conference-Jammu-Sher-e-Kashmir BhawanWhen situation became messy some of the National Conference leaders had to personally intervene in the matter and others even volunteered to clear the traffic mess from outside their party office as they realised the traffic mess was created due to haphazard parking by their party leaders.

Vehicles used by several senior leaders were parked on both sides of the road along with their escort vehicles.

The entire lane is used for parking of vehicles by the shopping enthusiasts and businessmen of Residency Road and Raghunath bazaar.

Compared to routine week days large number of leaders and senior party workers were present in the party office to attend the day long debate on Article 370 aimed at creating more awareness among the party workers and general masses. As number of leaders swelled the miseries of the motorists also compounded. The NC leaders are in the habit of parking their vehicles in front of the party office instead of finding adequate space near Eidgah.

The entire lane was jampacked by otherwise heavy rush of tourists and  common people. The market is also abuzz with lot of activity owing to ongoing Jammu festival. Interestingly, the traffic cops deployed on the Residency road had no coordination among themselves.

When the Sher-e-Kashmir lane was full of vehicles instead of diverting the traffic from entering the lane the traffic cops allowed motorists to enter the lane,leading to more chaos. The jam was finally tackled as some of the National Conference leaders hesitantly ordered their drivers to remove their wrongly parked vehicles to make adequate space for smooth movement of traffic.

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