Natrang Stages Hindi play ‘Tagore Diwas’

‘Tagore Diwas’, a new play in Hindi written by Ganesh Parshad and directed by Neeraj Kant presented here today at Natrang Studio Theatre in Sunday Theatre Series. The play carried the ideology of R.N. Tagore which made it a meaningful learning experience in addition to being a highly creative expression.

Natrang_tagore diwas
The play opens at a girl’s hostel where some girls are discussing how there day was spent in college. As there was a symposium in their college about the teachings of Tagore, much of their discussion was steered towards that and also on who said what and how. There is a young and handsome professor in their college, who is intelligent too, Most of them also admitted that they admire him.

But ‘Sarojini’ admires him the most, she likes him but is afraid of telling anyone as this may make her appear awkward in the eyes of others. When she was about to sleep in her hostel room, a figure appeared there, who looked like Tagore, she was afraid but on mustering some courage, she talks to him. He said that I am Tagore and I have come here to make you understand my ideology as most of my teaching are misinterpreted by the people, who understand less and assume more. And everyone knows that half knowledge is more dangerous.

He inspires her to follow her heart and if she admires someone, she shall not hide the genuine feelings. Getting motivated, she admits that she likes the professor and shows him his photograph, which she has kept with her. Suddenly that figure removed the guise of Tagore and to the surprise of Sarojini, he was Professor himself. In a very dramatic and symbolic manner, the play hints that the meaning of the teachings of the great scholars shall be revisited as it is always meant to liberate and not to bind.



Natrang artists who presented a wonderful performance included Subha Rajput, Amarpreet Kandhari, Rohitashiv Sharma, Kritika Bhau and Vineet Sharma. Lights were operated by Neeraj kant. Ashwani Bali rendered the music. The sets were designed by Mohd. Yaseen and Vishal Sharma. Sumeet Sharma coordinated the show and also presented it before the audience.

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