Natrang stages Hindi Play Mehmaan

‘Mehmaan’, a new play in Hindi written by Charanjit and directed by Anil Tickoo presented here today at Natrang Studio Theatre Kachi Chawni in its weekly Theatre Series, Sunday Theatre. Presented in a farcical style, the situational comedy of the play was well appreciated by the audience who supported the performance with consistent applause.

The play opens at the home of one ‘Lalit Mohan’ who is very frustrated as the relatives of his wife have been camping there since long and there is no hope that they will leave soon. Tired of doing exorbitant expenses on their hospitality, ‘Lalit’ had lost his wits to think an idea to get rid of them. Even his wife was not in his favour and altercates with him whenever he shows his resentment over their prolonged and uninvited stay as they do not live there in a docile manner, they have their own style, which has to be honoured and their own demands which need to be catered.

A very ironical situation arises when it is revealed in some conversation that earlier, when his sister-in-law was unmarried, Lalit was an excellent host and now as she is married and has come with her husband, He is having problems, this raises a question on his morality and created a high voltage drama at his home. The flared up issue made all the relatives decide to leave his home immediately. This appeared like a blessing in disguise to Lalit but unfortunately this happiness was not long lived as all of them came back giving him an unpleasant surprise that they were just kidding with him.

A still from the play ‘Mehmaan’ directed by Anil Tickoo, presented in Natrang Sunday Theatre

Natrang artists who presented a wonderful performance included Ashwani Bali, Sajra Qadir, Vineet Sharma, Aarti Rajput, Vikram Sharma, Shekhar Sharma, Sachin Saini and Vishal Sharma. Lights were operated by Uplaksh Singh Kotwal, Subha Rajput rendered the Music. Sets were erected by Neeraj Kant and Mohd. Yaseen. The show was presented and coordinated by Sumeet Sharma.


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