Indian flag-J&K FLag

Mufti govt now want to hoist state flag with the union flag, BJP may not oblige PDP

Peoples Democratic Party is gearing up for another round of show down with the BJP.

This time both the alliance partners are set to quarrel over the issue of hoisting state flag along with Union Flag.

On Thursday the state govt for the first time issued a circular directing all the constitutional authorities to maintain the sanctity  of the State flag, at all costs, as is being done in respect of the Union Flag.BJP is opposed to the idea of hoisting state flag alongside Union Flag and is fighting for ek  vidhan, ek nishan and ek Pradhan.
The  circular issued by the  Commissioner Secretary MA Bukhari of General Administration department (GAD) of the state govt stated,” as per the constitution of J&K and the Delhi agreement of 1952 and keeping in view the historical background the State Flag has the same sanctity and position as the Union Flag has under the Indian Constitution and other statutory provisions.Therefore, the sanctity and position has to be maintained at all costs”.
The state flag is unfurled  on the top floor of the civil secretariat complex in both the capital cities of Jammu and Srinagar.  The official cars of  the council of ministers also use both the flags At the same time some of the constitutional authorities in the state who do not use state flag on their cars neither hoist it atop their offices.
The circular issued by the GAD further adds,”It’s non-hoisitng along with the Union Flag amounts to insult to the Flag as per the provisions of the J&K Prevention of Insult to State Honours Act 1979″.
As per the circular “the Flag shall always be hosted jointly on the buildings housing constitutional Institutions and shall be used on the official cars of constitutional authorities.”

“Any deviation in this regard shall amount to insult to the Jammu and Kashmir Prevention of Insult to State Honours Act, 1979”,the circular added.

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