Mufti bridging Gaps with Congress, hosted dinner for two of his old friends in Jammu

PDP patron  and former Chief Minister Mufti Mohd. Sayeed is very well known for his political etiquette.

In his long political career he has earned many friends and despite having divergent view point on  contentious issues he has nurtured all his friends even during difficult days.

After pulling the plug from the Ghulam Nabi Azad led alliance government in the state in the summer of 2008  Mufti Mohd Sayeed was maintaining long distance from his close friends in the Congress party.

MUFTI SAYEEDHe would still occasionally call on some old pals in New Delhi and share a point or two during exclusive interactions.

Beyond that he was  hardly seen in the company of Congressmen.

In the recent years ever since Congress is running an alliance government with National Conference the seasoned politician has  once again managed to bridge gaps with old horses in the party.

Recently he called on Prime Minister and interacted with him in New Delhi.His meeting, however, created lot of  interest among the political pundits in the state. The timing of the meeting sent shivers down the spine of many National Conference leaders and forced them to adopt tough posturing when it comes to dealing with Congress machinations.

During his week long stay in Jammu, Mufti Sayeed is  learnt to have made inroads in the Congress camp.

Before heading back to Kashmir valley he hosted two Congress leaders over dinner at his residence in Jammu and created ripples in the National Conference camp.

 One of the Congress leader who attended the exclusive dinner meeting at Mufti Sayeeds residence is known for her style statement and was recently elected unanimously in the upper house.

 Another Congress leader who was present at the meeting is also occupying a key post and is considered loyalist of PCC Chief Prof Saif Ud Din Soz.

Even though there is no ground to speculate on what would have transpired  during the meeting but at the same time the timing of the meeting has really made National Conference leadership nervous.

 In the coming days it would be interesting to see whether the  friend list of Mufti Mohd Sayeed is going to be fatter and more and more Congressmen would be making a bee line outside his house to enjoy the tasty feast in the cozy company of master strategist.

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