Traffic Violations Jammu
High Speed Truck met with an accident on the outskirts of Jammu

Motorists in Jammu have stopped Traffic Violations hence no Road Safety Week this time

It is January 3 and still there are no signs of organising Road Safety Week in Jammu on ground zero.

No sign boards have been erected, no awareness camps are being held and no campaign material is being distributed and no NGO has come forward to educate general masses and spread awareness on Road Safety.

Traffic Violations Jammu
High Speed Truck met with an accident on the outskirts of Jammu

The state Transport department is also sitting idle as no seminar or lecture has been organised either on the subject. No Minister has come forward to release birds/balloons marking the beginning of the week long awareness week.

As per the fixed calender ever year Road Safety week is organised from Jan 1-7 to spread awareness about traffic rules and other awareness keeping in mind the safety of the passengers and others traveling on the road.

But two days have passed and the various NGO’s, NCC cadets and the Traffic police department in collaboration with the state transport department is yet to get its act together.

It is also not clear whether the decision to postpone the Road Safety week has been taken due to some unavoidable circumstances but the general masses on the streets have noticed absence of Road Safety Week related activities.

During the week the city turn arounds are decorated with posters, slogan campaign is often organised by the traffic police department and awareness rallies are also taken out across different places to spread the message of road safety and educate the motorists driving different vehicles.

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