Kedarnath Entrance(AP)

Mother Nature has abundance of Gifts for Humans and What are We doing?

Mother nature has abundance of gifts for humans and what are we doing? Simply exploiting it. She has warned us several times and this time her fury was so sudden and unpredictable. Nature doesn’t care whether they are innocent kids, happy families or nice people who became the victims under catastrophic events. Many of us may ask why ‘innocent people’ became victims?

Only God’s Abode intact, Rest all destroyed

We can’t blame Almighty for such disaster or for the huge loss of lives. It is really sad to watch thousands of people who died a sad death. This destruction had taken everything the houses, the families, the happiness and the peace from the lives of  thousands of people and they are left with tears and huge pains which takes a life time to heal the wounds or  perhaps such wounds remain fresh in the hearts of those who have seen each second of last breaths. I can’t write or even can feel the depths of their pains but I really was in trauma when i saw the cries and destruction.

Kedarnath Shrine in its Glorious days
Kedarnath Shrine in its Glorious days

Lord Shiva is the God of destruction! He is the God of transformation ! He is Bole-Nath (innocent),He is Rudra( his another roopa as the dreadful). He can drink poison. According to our Hindu scriptures Lord Shiva is one of the innocent gods then why he didn’t protect thousands of his anshas ( here,i am using ansh because we are all connected with sound OM and it is in our body vibrations, one just need to feel and understand it and I feel we are his children).Universe warns us time to time and always gives us a way which we humans always ignore. We always hear “Pralaya” will happen in Kali Yuga and it does happen time to time. We encountered huge loss of lives or our loved ones but never understand the connection of nature and human.

The universe is demanding something from us and that is a little help! Our religious shrines have become so polluted, I am not talking about the plastic or garbage. I am talking about the pollution which is caused by human heads. What about those who went Rishikesh and Gangotri for rafting and fun-filled activities not to  visit any holy shrine? During camp-fires at night a lot of people use to drink alcohol  on the banks of Holy river Ganga.

Ganga is polluted since years, several dead bodies of animals like cow which is stated as our holy animal in Hinduism has been seen many times flowing in Ganga.  Huge amount of different materialistic pollution is still throwing in the pious river. Ganga resides in the bun of Lord Shiva, Her energies and anger is controlled by Lord Shiva! I think it was the high time for God’s too. Is he happy with crimes ? No, he isn’t !
Kedarnath Entrance(AP)
Kedarnath Entrance(AP)
The VEDAS state,”The part of him which is characterized by tamas is called Rudra.The part of him which belongs to Rajas is Brahma.The part of him which belongs to Sattva is Vishu’’. Lord Shiva have shown his Rudra Roop (the dreadful) and this time he came as Mahakala (Lord of all times).  Here my point is, if we have Vedas then why we are so ignorant? In this ancient text everything is described beautifully and it is simply a way of living in tuning with nature or universe. The pious river Ganga  is worshiped as a diety in Hindusim and The Ganga is created by the sweat of Lord Shiva.The Puranas of ancient Hindu says Ganga cleanses one of all sins,it is the final destination where we all go to have a dip for MOKSHA ! Moksha is the moksh from evils and drained thoughts, its not only the death.
Whatever has happened in Uttarakhand is really shocking and if we talk about the governmental situation, I must say that is also too week, I don’t want to say much about a week government, we just need to choose the right one who can help his people and play his role well i.e, Desh and Dharam in our Indian Philosophy. It is really sad to see people dying because of hunger and thirst. We can’t get back everything and everyone who are vanished. As per Lord Shiva, Destruction is for change, it is for transformations. Nature has warned us again, now that’s our duty to  get in touch with harmony. I don’t know when human race will stop exploiting nature and when we will rise from ignorance !

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