More Industrial Units registered in Kashmir,while More Employment Generated in Jammu: CAG

Even after registering 2346 more industrial units in Kashmir province as compared to Jammu during the last five years the total employment generated was far less in Kashmir than Jammu CAGprovince,the recent CAG report has revealed.
According to the report, 3829 industrial units were registered in Kashmir province as against 1483 units in Jammu between 2007-08 and 2011-12.But when it comes to generation employment Kashmir province fell behind Jammu.

According to the CAG report  the total employment generated in Kashmir was 18062 while Jammu generated 20318 during the same period.The average employment generated by each industrial unit in Kashmir province ranged between four and five and in Jammu province ranged between 11 and 16.

Overall 5312 industrial units were registered during the period which generated employment  of 38380 at an average of seven personnel by each industrial unit. The average employment provided by each industrial unit ranged between six and nine during the period 2007-08 to 2011-12.
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During the audit of records it was,however, revealed that data of employment generation was recorded on the basis of employment certificates provided by  the unit holders at the time of their registration and it was observed in test checked DIC’s that the employment generation by the Industrial units was neither monitored nor verified by the General Managers of DIC’s after commencement of production by the Industrial units.
The Commissioner/Secretary reported in December 2012 that the verification/monitoring and maintenance of record of employment is invested with the Labour and Employment department.

Audit assessment during the five year period 2007-08 to 2011-12 shows that central and state government  bore fiscal burden of Rs 8340.11 crore to incentivize the industrial units whose number as of March 2012 was 26,674 with total workforce of 1,33,173 workers.

The total employment generated from the industrial units in the state was 1.03 lakh as of 2007-08 which had risen to 1.33 lakh at the close of the year 2011-12 while as the financial incentives provided to the industrial units during the year 2007-08 to 2011-12 ranged between 1289.89 crore to 2475.88 crore.Thus, the per capita fiscal burden for each worker employed by the industrial units not covered by the state Industrial policy 2004 and packages of incentives was between 1.09 lakh and 2.40 lakh per annum during the same period.

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