Modi wave-Farooq Khan-BJP

Modi wave will sweep Lok Sabha polls: Farooq Khan

Claiming that after the announcement of Narendra Modi by BJP as its Prime Ministerial candidate, a clear wave is visible in every nook and corner of the state like other parts of the country, BJP leader Farooq Khan said that it will defeat every negative propaganda and sweep the forthcoming Lok Sabha election.

Farooq khan, while addressing a largely attended BJP election meeting of Sarpanches, Panches and people hailing from different areas of Raipur-Domana assembly constituency at Burn on Wednesday, said that the people are looking towards BJP with high hopes as they are of the opinion that its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is the need of the day to sail out the nation from turmoil. He said that the present day voter is well informed and aware of the mis-governance and misdeeds of the Congress-led UPA-1 and UPA-2 and has made up mind to teach Congress a lesson by bringing in BJP at the centre.

Farooq Khan said that although the leaders of NC and Congress have unleashed a negative propaganda against Narendra Modi and making attempts to once again befool the voters to seek their votes, this time each voter has taken pledge to not fall prey to false and fabricated propaganda.

He said that the frustration among the leadership of NC and Congress is visible when they are finding it difficult to face the public and are taking refuge of self-prepared misinformation campaign. They have nothing concrete to claim before the public and it indicates that their defeat is approaching near with each passing day.

‘Sleepless nights and failure to mobilize public in their favour are compelling them to indulge in totally unsocial and unacceptable propaganda but there is no one to buy it” he said and added that no force on earth can now change the direction of Modi wave.

Appealing the voters not to trust Congress and NC any more, Farooq Khan said that corruption, price rise, mis-governance, soft approach towards anti-national elements, unemployment and promoting dynasty rule have been the major achievements of the Congress-led UPA and surely these will prove suicidal for Congress in particular. Congress will become a part of history after Modi takes over as next Prime Minister of India, he said.

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