BJP workers Protest

Matadors Hijacked by Police to ferry BJP workers after they Court arrested outside the Civil Secretariat

The Jammu police personnel Monday hijacked matadors to ferry BJP workers after they courted arrest during the massive demonstration against the poor performance of the Omar Abdullah led alliance govt in Jammu and Kashmir.

BJP workers Protest According to field reports, at least four matadors were hijacked by the police officials as the police bus came late during the massive demonstrations.

Due to this crack down on matadors outside the Shiva temple in Shalimar road poor passengers faced many hardships as they were forced by the policemen to de-board the buses.

Holding placards as BJP workers started courting arrest during the massive protest demonstration the police officers realised that there was no police vehicle available in the vicinity.

To cover up the lapse on their part the police officers directed the constables to bring matadors in order to pack the agitating BJP workers.

 On receipt of orders the police officers directed the matadors coming via Parade ground to drop their passengers and park the same in front of the coffee shop.

At least four matadors were hijacked by the police,forcefully, to pack BJP workers. In between one police bus also arrived on the scene of action and some BJP workers were also packed in the bus.

 They BJP workers were led by State President Jugal Kishore Sharma. About half a dozen party activists including Naresh Sharma, Shilpi Verma, Ishtiaq Wani and Sunil Kumar received injuries when the heavy contingent of police posted at Shalimar road adopted heavy handed means to prevent the BJP workers from protesting lawfully and were lathi charged. Naresh Sharma and Raj Kumar were hospitalized for treatment.  

Earlier, the party activists had assembled at Indira Chowk and marched towards the assembly secretariat amid slogans with party flags and placards in their hands led by State President, who was accompanied by Leader of Legislative party Ashok Khajuria and other leaders including other senior leaders, state office bearers, district and morcha presidents and Cells conveners.

Jugal Kishore Sharma, while condemning the brutal lathi-charge on the party activists, said that use of force and violence will not cow down and hold back BJP cadre from raising issues of public concern and exposing the government for mis-governance, corruption, discrimination with Jammu and Ladakh regions and plight of refugees, SCs, STs, OBCs, Gujjar, youth, farmers etc. He said that the state government has completed five years in the office and the party MLAs will seek explanation on the floor of the house for its anti-people, anti-youth and pro-Kashmir policies in the current session of legislature and develop public opinion and pressure to make it comprehend and realize depth of peoples anger against the government on account of their grievances and force it to take effective steps to redress the same.

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